Week 10 MLB action

6 out of 9 profitable weeks thus far.

123-136-2 for the year (+5.42 units)

Monday action:

955 - Pittsburgh +130 @ Atlanta (1 unit)

Pirates are playing better on the road right now than Atlanta is at home. Even when Atlanta gets a few runs the bullpen is more than willing to give em right back. Zach Duke is becoming a solid and consistant stud on the hill. Looks to be in top form right now. See no reason he cant fare well against the numbers Atlanta has put up recently.

962 - Texas RL +130 vs Toronto (1 unit)

Texas bats just scary at home and Cassey Janssen does not appear to be a pitcher that can put hitters away. He looks mediocre at best. Seems to be a pitch to contact type guy and I think that will match up poorly with the Rangers. Just cant find any reason to doubt Feldman who is emerging as one of many rising stars in the league this year.

957 -Arizona +160 @ SD (1 unit)

Not too scared to go against Peavy here since he must have spent a good portion of his 5 days rest recovering from a nasty upper respiratory infection. Give him credit for trying to pitch sick as a dog last time out but Im sure he cant be in top form yet. Of course you gotta get back on the horse ASAP and keep that arm in tune, but I dont think Peavy will have his best stuff this soon. Im also still fading the Padres when the price and situation is right and even if Peavy was at the peak of health I would have to still take this play against the other eight players on the team. Garland can be a bit of a crapshoot but I think he should give a quality start with all the gaping holes in the Friars batting lineup. I also think the marathon game will hurt the status of the Padres bullpen a little more than Zona. I know for sure we will not see Heath Bell and a lot of Zonas better arms only got in the teens for pitch counts. Dont have all the rest time and pitch counts but Im certain the last two innings should favor the Dbacks with Bell out of the equation.

966 - Oakland -133 vs Minnesota (0.6 units)

966 - Oakland RL +160 (0.4 units)

Oakland was hot on the road and is still hot at home. They get to stay home and host the travelling Twins who have a dismal road record and do not strike me as doing anything special (in fact they are slipping a bit lately). Outman has some solid numbers that should result in wins if the recent offensive surge by his teamates continue. Ive seen this kind of run by Oakland nearly year after year. Sometimes it actually has some substance and they become a real threat no matter how bad they looked early on. Time will tell but it makes sense that Billy Beans number crunching averages out eventually. The results just seem to come in spurts a lot of the time. Those spurts can seem unbelievable and we often think its all a mirage. Its real .... while it lasts anyway and I will gladly take advantage.

Good luck and Peace.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

GL Natty. Glad to see I'm on three of those and only against on one and even though I wouldn't play if it wasn't for the chase. (ATL)
Re: Week 10 MLB action

1-4 for Monday (-2.95 units)

Bad breaks galore in every game I played today. Heart chewed up and spit out more than I care to remember. Nothing went my way. Not getting off my horse here 'cause this spot sucks. Lets keep on riding.

For Tuesday:

904 - Florida +110 vs St.Louis (1 unit)

Redbirds not playing good enough to be favored on the road right now and fading Carpenter off a complete game. Josh Johnson is plenty good and Florida stays home while STL travels.

930 - Oakland -105 vs Minnesota (1.1 units)

Riding Oakland while the moneyball statistics start to shake out for Mr Bean. Minny still bad on the road. Both starters a little shaky but when you break it into home/road splits we see Baker bad on the road and Anderson good at home.

2 tm parlay:
911 - Colorado +125 @ Milwaukee w/over 9.5 -115 (0.5 units)
to win 1.6 units

Colorado coaching changes seem to have produced emmediate results in the hitting department. Guys are taking what they can and satisfied not to try and win by themselves. Quality at bats are the order of the day and we are seeing the results as the guys start to buy in. At least thats my take on it. Hammel is an up and down pitcher but Looper has been living on borrowed time with smoke and mirrors for quite some time. His numbers dont jive with his success so far. Colorados new life at the plate should rock his world. Thinking the Rockies can cover most of this over, thus the correlated parlay.

Good luck and Peace.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

I think Florida is a lock tomorrow, but if I play them and St.Louis won, I'd have to put in a padded room.. I think I'd literally go spastic.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

Ive been struggling with my inner psychic senses vs my rational rules of common sense and reached a way to appease both.


2 tm parlay: (1unit pays 1.22 units)

916 - LA Dodgers -195 vs Padres
933 - Cleveland -215 vs KC

I can continue to fade the Padres with Billingsly without laying a 1.5 run line play. I fear the runline here because the Dodgers are still in a relative offensive funk and Young has good numbers against them. He also fares well in big pitchers parks. Nothing to fear from Padres one man band offense. I know this is bush and bad karma but I would walk Gonzalez and bean Eckstein just on principle. Call me evil.

Clevelands offense is waking up but so far they are up and down on a day to day basis and Im not sure I can depend on them to cover a run ling either. Anyone remember the last time these two pitchers matched up. I had a nice dog win with KC. It was a bad win as Skerry Kerry blew a four run lead in the bottom of the ninth. Think Cleveland wins big here but my head for value abhors laying -110 and -1.5 runs.

Hope I dont get burned but by doing it this way I avoid risking 2 units and avoid laying 1.5 runs on what I consider poor value in both games. I think both these sides have a very strong likelyhood of a straight win. Would be very surprised to see them lose today.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

2-2 for Tuesday (+0.82 units)

3-6 for Week 10 (-2.13 units)

Week still young. Time to do lots of damage.

No writes today, just action ..... for Wednesday:

956 - NY Mets +117 vs Philly (1 unit)

980 - Oakland -125 vs Minnesota (1.3 units)

966 - LA Dodgers RL +100 vs SD (1 unit)

Good luck and Peace.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

With ya on the Dodgers sir.. Fading them has been good money lately and I dont expect it to stop too soon..

I definitely lean Oakland..


Verly isnt going anywhere
Re: Week 10 MLB action

Good luck NatBump...will def be on the Dodgers in some form. Probably staying away from the Min/Oak game...I can't figure out Liriano for the life of me.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

Yeah I love this spot for Kershaw. From what Ive read Leblanc has a great change, but a straight and high mid 80s fastball that didnt work for him last year. Considering what the Dodgers did to Young (whos been good vs the Dodgers) I think they get the bats working overtime tomorrow.

Oakland makes up for what Baker did to them tonight against Liriano who is a poor shadow of himself since his injury.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

I like the books. Cant keep my fingers off the buttons with an offshore account. Tried a couple small deposits but I fuck it up every time. Great book five minutes away. I usually pop in on my way to work or after the games before posting. Rather have the cash in hand and it keeps me disciplined.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

No writes today, just action ..... for Wednesday:

956 - NY Mets +117 vs Philly (1 unit)

980 - Oakland -125 vs Minnesota (1.3 units)

966 - LA Dodgers RL +100 vs SD (1 unit)

Good luck and Peace.
Like both of these to win easy. Just cant play Braves on the RL and would rather not lay juice on the road. Gonna try and cheat the juice two nights in a row and limit the risk. Did it with the Dodgers and Indians last night. Hope I can get away with it one more time.


2 tm parlay: 1 unit to win 1.49 units

977 - Detroit -136 @ CWS
958 - Atlanta -230 vs Pittsburgh

Gotta give MoFo credit for bringing this one to my attention if Detroit wins. Danks w/ the all or nothing Sox offense vs the virtually unhittable Verlander.... nuff said there. Atlanta young ace in the making (Jurrjens) vs a guy the Braves thought nothing of discarding in a trade that after tonight should prove a solid slam dunk. McClouth has put a spark in Atlanta's offense and hes embarrassing his former team in this series.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

I really hate the Mets. I really do.....

Padres are friggin dicks for not starting Leblanc. Assholes. Now I have no action and the Dodgers would have crushed this stiff. 2348ji23e
Re: Week 10 MLB action

Sorry about jinxing you
:cheers Nonsense Gyno. Luck, Jinxes and all that crap is just rubbish anyway. Stuff we fling around to help us get over our bad days. Im dissapointed no doubt, but Id never blame anyone else for losing a bet other than myself or the team I bet on. I value your input and support as well as everyone else here more than my stupid ego or silly superstitions.

That said......

Took it in the rear today. Led in two games that were blown late. The Dodger game was a no action with a pitching change. What can one do except take it like a man and fight on.

0-3 for Wednesday. Ill tally the damage later.

Thursday action:

926 - Boston +135 vs NY Yanquis (2 units)

I keep saying Penny is improving. He really pitched well the last time out and almost had me looking like a genuis until things unraveled in his last inning. Just ran out of gas before Francona had the pen ready. I think he will continue his improvement here. Lefty mistakes in Boston can be a bummer and CC is not a god. This line is a joke and I like Boston to get the sweep. Yankees are not so dominant outside thier bandbox and Boston is a force at home. Not much to say about this noone really knows so Ill quit rambling.

Good luck and Peace.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

More Thursday action:

Had these circled and found reason to doubt after a frustrating day. Then I read MoFos link to the "blogger" and figured I cant let my lack of confidence compound my mistakes. So I will play them after all and give thanks in advance to MoFo and EOG.

919 - KC RL +120 @ Cleveland (1 unit)

This is actually a Big O follow. Hes not on the run line but I feel Sowers is a guy always due to get lit up. Greinke is due to resume his dominance.

905 - Cubs RL +110 @ Houston (1 unit)

Cubs swinging the bat better in this series than yesterdays score indicates. I feel the floodgates burst with Ortiz taking the hill. I think Dempster is gonna be fine.

915 - Detroit -115 @ CWS (1.5 units)

I like this side and "the blogger does too". Big O's on em also so how can it be wrong. Dont really have faith in Floyd even though hes had some good outings recently and I think Jackson is the real deal.

Lets get em today. GOOOOO RED SOX.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

GL today Natty...

To be honest i can't understand why/how that Tigers line is so low...especially with Floyd on the mound today. I'm with you on them fo sho!! Looks like Konerko will sit today as well..
Re: Week 10 MLB action

GL today Natty...

To be honest i can't understand why/how that Tigers line is so low...especially with Floyd on the mound today. I'm with you on them fo sho!! Looks like Konerko will sit today as well..
YESSSS!!!! Lotta good vibes going today Chloslam.... go get em tiger.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

Bostons rally saved me from a horrific day.

1-3 for Thursday (-0.80 units)

Not ready to face the butchers bill right now. Maybe things will look brighter after tomorrow.

No time to write. Its time to take off the gloves.

Friday action:

956 - Philly +113 vs Boston (1 unit)

958 - Pittsburgh +121 vs Detroit (1 unit)

970 - Milwaukee -124 vs CWS (1 unit)

970 - Milwaukee RL +155 (0.4 units)

972 - Texas +100 vs LA Dodgers (1 units)

974 - KC -112 vs Cincinnati (1 unit)

974 - KC RL +170 (0.4 units)

Good luck and Peace.
Re: Week 10 MLB action


977 - SD +130 vs Anaheim Angels

Palmer with a long layoff and the Angels travel home off a long east coast road trip with a much used bullpen. SD stays camped in So Cal with a day off before and after thier two game Dodger series in which they looked pretty decent. Might be another run could be in the cards for the Friars.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

5-3 for Friday (+1.00 units)

Not a good week so far.

10-16 for Week 10 (-6.22 units)

Need a big weekend.

Saturday action:

911 - St.Louis +102 @ Cleveland (1.7 units)

918 - Pittsburgh -110 vs Detroit (1.2 units)

919 - Boston +101 @ Philly (1.2 units)

924 - Texas -121 vs LA Dodgers (1 unit)

924 - Texas RL +160 (0.4 units)

Kind of like an Oakland play to fade the Big Unit but I wont play them unless they are a plus or even ML price. Wanted to play Peavy bad til he came up lame and went on the DL. Any opinions or helpful input on the Oakland/Frisco game would be appreciated. The line might flip before game time.
Re: Week 10 MLB action

Yeah. Oak appears to have gone cold but I think theyve been getting a lot of hits and base runners in the last few games but just failing to bring em home. No reason to think this will start happening but I do like Outmans progress and Johnson is ripe to be plucked after the 300 win game and going again on 3 days rest. But still. losing 3 of the last 4 and a road favorite is not a great value. And Ill be damned if SF isnt getting some nice offense lately. ........ I think I just settled it. NO PLAY for me either.

See what a big help youve been 1time? Are you a psychiatrist? If so, just send my bill to Mamon..... I think hes loaded.:LMAO Can you write prescriptions ?????