Week 5 Picks Enter Here Down to 16!

The following people listed below have advanced to the next week of pick the loser suicide pool. The forum is on post review. Youre plays cannot be seen when entered. It is youre responsibilty to know what teams you have taken and what team you have picked. If you pick the same team twice you are eliminated. Lets say you take the Jets in week 1 and now in week 6 you take the Jets again, you are eliminated. If no play is entered you obviously get eliminated. The deadline again to enter plays is Sunday 1:00 pm. At that time all picks will be shown for those that wish to see.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THIS WEEK'S PARTICIPANTS: As per the rules and now that we are down to the final 16 we will be having a tie breaker for standings in case it is needed this week to determine prize money. Each week from here on out Shrink will pick one game as to which the participants must predict the total number of net yards combined for both teams. This weeks game is Redskins vs Eagles. Example: Participant decides that the total net yards combined (BOTH TEAMS COMBINED) will be 560 yards. His total will be used in the event of a tie breaker if needed for final standings each week. This is being done so early because we are down to 16 and anything can happen. Final 3 win prizes. Best of luck

These are the remaining people and only these people may make plays.

Remember this weeks game is the Redskins vs Eagles please pick the total number of net yards combined in event of a tie breaker is needed this week.

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MarksMoneyMakers (Jillmark)
Re: Week 5 Picks Enter Here Down to 16!

I got a pm from gyno. He stated winbet is having trouble accessing or getting on the site and he wants the Chicago Bears as his play this weekend. I do not have a tiebreaker for him though.
Re: Week 5 Picks Enter Here Down to 16!

Since all 16 players have made their picks, will go ahead and show the picks a few minutes early:

(here's the tally) 12io4j2w90

Cincy 8
Seattle 3
Balt 1
Pitt 1
SF 1
Bears 1
Wash 1