When I was betting baseball in Vegas 1989

Barbary Coast 5 cent lines, meaning -121 +116 for the slow people.
Mirage 10 cents, IP 10 cents, Ballys 10 cents, CP 15 cents although they went to 5 cents in 1992 for a yr.
Leroys which was Maxim and Continental, 20 cents but always generous for underdog prices. Desert Inn who might have been connected to Cesars, but had most comfortbale book of all time. Would walk around all day getting best lines, Vaccaro would also post NBA QTR lines in game. Jay Korneagy at Imperaial Palace would put up any niche sport yo
Would you say a lot of the bettors from that era, struggle now days to make a living with the technology now offered.
I cant tell you about that era, but I can tell you about 2003-2008

I was listening to a lot of local sports talk radio and like every other day, I had info (injuries, weather and such) 20 minutes before most others.
Nowadays, forget about it.
Twitter killed it
JK getting ready for that Friday's version of the Stardust Handicapping show....the middle guy was always the man with the plan, lol.

JK and buddies.jpg
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I cannot read who one of the contestants was that day to the left. I used to listen every Friday night, and loved when JK would announce who was in the audience watching that evening. It seemed like it was always the place to be. Of course, whenever I was in LV, I would sit in the front row to watch and listen to the players.


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Thanks for sharing, 300.

The above picture looks like Kevin O'Neill.

At first, I thought it was Richard Witt, who delivered one of the funniest lines on the Friday night show.

Witt had a deliberate delivery, searching for the right word in every sentence and usually finding it with a powerful vocabulary.

Witt at the time worked for The New York Post and he had a good feel for the Jets and the Giants.

The Jets were playing the Dolphins at Joe Robbie Stadium that weekend and Witt previewed his selection with the following line:

"I'm going to LEAVE THE COUNTRY for my next selection...(pause)."

(More dramatic pause).

(Even more dramatic pause).

Witt then declared, "Go to Miami for my next selection."

It took a second for the edgy joke to sink in, but those who got it, snickered for a minute or two.
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