Who offers odds on exact matchups for the Super Bowl?


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I think Rodgers goes out on top. Their defense is for real. Guys like Jaire Alexander will get healthy for the run.

It's a mess gambling now though. Covid is destroying things. Out, in etc..

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Neither do I. I'm not even sure they still exist? Tony's tica still trying to get approval to re-enter the US market. They had exacta odds from July until the playoffs. Every combo.

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I now have the answer. Bet Offline!

Super Bowl Lvi Exact Match ...

Accepted Date: 01/11/22 09:16 GMT-7
Amount: $500.00
Status: Pending
To win: $4,750.00
Type: Future/Prop
Description: NFL Name the Finalists - Super Bowl LVI Exact Matchup - Green Bay Packers vs Tennessee Titans +950

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It's very simple, trytrytry. I have Rodgers for 12 dimes but needed a hedge. Odds too low for Rodgers NFC. Odds too low for Tennessee AFC. Super Show exact she's perfect. Had Saban won last night, I would have had 9 dimes available to bet this.


All I do is trytrytry
u played 12k on GB to win the superbowl? what average price you sitting on.
nfc really looks reasonable esp at GB enjoy the playoffs

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To win 12k. Bet Rodgers after he told the vaxers to fuck off.

STRAIGHT BET to win $5,970.00
Placed 11/28/2021 @ 01:08 AM
Risk: $600.00 - Win: $5,970.00
National Football League-Odds to Win 2021 - Super Bowl LVI
TNT - Green Bay Packers +995
Game Start 01/15/2022 @ 03:30 PM

STRAIGHT BET to win $5,550.00
Placed 11/27/2021 @ 08:28 PM
Risk: $555.00 - Win: $5,550.00
Green Bay Packers To Win 2021 - Super Bowl LVI
MU - Yes +1000 (Yes vrs No)
Game Start 01/15/2022 @ 03:30 PM

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We got another won! Caesar's! This time you have to pick the winner. Rodgers over Oh Henry is 15-1. Yes please!

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Multiple AZ books offer exactas. Add Fagduel. I need to decide howid much I want to Risky Business. Without a Steve Wynn before Saturday, has to be new deposits.

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And I'm not satisfied or done.

Tennessee Titans vs Green Bay Packers +1000
Super Bowl LVI Matchup

TOTAL WAGER $3,000.00

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Dude going with both #1 seeds.

Under the new NFL playoff format instituted before the start of the 2020 season, the #2 seed is far less attractive than in seasons past.