Why am I getting so much shit in the mail this year?

I never use my home address at forums or even at some books. But somehow I am getting a lot of junk mail from touts and BAD sportsbooks that I haven't even heard of.

I got another one from Tony Salinas today. That makes 2 from him, one form Sturgeon, a couple from Fiest and his crew, 3-4 from some sportsbooks that I am not sure really exist.

I can't remember if I ever used my home address anywhere except for Pinny and Canbet. Maybe Canbet's new management is selling addresses now, not sure. I doubt it is Pinny, but is possible. All the other forign books I use, I give my Vegas address, I can't wait to go there next week and see what I have for mail, after not beign there for 3 weeks or so. Probably filled my box. Especailly after seeing the stuff here.

I guess it isn't that bad, but just have never gotten stuff here before, and have no explanation for it.
Man....I guess I'm not the only one, seems like a couple letters a day and 6 magazines so far all saying the same thing. Don't remember this many before.

I don't use NEteller either. Strictly bank wire guy, or book to book transfer (which are much more difficult to get these days).
Thank god I get the mail here and bot the wifey, about 10 magazine(4 duplicates) 20 schedules, and 25 letters, it's ridiculous. Today the Official Offshore Betting Guide came, Yesterday it was the Vegas Experts(sponsored by nine.com), before that it was Insider's football news (looks like a BSS publication), and a calendar from betmaker. MORE TO COME AND MORE WAS THROWN OUT BEFORE THIS!!!!!!! :hung

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A lot of books are doing this because of the crack down on US based media outlets. They can't advertise in some places they used to and they have budget left over so they just buy lists from other less than stand up books send stuff out themselves.
I don't use my real address at most books. I don't even have accounts at any "lower level" books.

As I said, I am 90% sure ONLY Pinnacle and Canbet have my California address. I don't even use my Cal address in Vegas to get my comp cards to do the contests and stuff.

Tyat is why it is extremely strange. So my thinking is either Canbet or Pinny are selling mailing lists.

Not that it is a crime, I just prided myself on "outsmarting" these clowns that mail stuff to people. Next thing I will be getting cold calls form every wanna be tout out there. THAT WILL piss me off.


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wantitall4moi said:
I don't use my real address at most books.

Nice thinking ahead. I wish I had done the same, but I figured the address would be important one day for withdrawals (typically not the case). Oh well. Lots of junk mail from sportsbooks. I get none from other sources (junk mail), just the damn sportsbooks. Fortunately I was smart enough to not give out my real phone number.
I am getting bombarded with stuff from BOS and MILLENIUM...

Some of these top 10 sports books they list are amusing...

I got one yesterday that listed some place as "nine.com" or something like that as the bestbook around. They did list Oly, Canbet, DSI, and CRIS as well. So I think they threw some "name" places in to seem legit, while they sncuk some place I never heard of in as their best place.