Wnba 8/27


EOG Master
Thanks Man

Been at another site for years and am pretty decent at all sports with Southern Foots and for some unknown Reason Which I can't Figure out I am Damn Good at

Gangsta Hoops League (NBA) and it's sister (WNBA) and the NFL. I hate to watch hoops except for the few teams (mav's, Kings, Pho) and Can't watch much of the WNBA. But I have hit Just over 60% this year in the NBA and around 64% in the WNBA

Also pretty damn good with a Bud at NBA 2nd half plays as well.

Could be as good in NCAA foots also But the old :+drinks-4starts to flowing and I bet some Borderline games. Just too damn many of them to lay off of us the day gets longer and the Beers get to being guzzled.

Thanks for the Props.