WNBA First Round Playoffs Series Prices


EOG Master
These are my Predictions and have already PLayed them

IND -280

They will lose the first game then Will Anihlate NY at home. Will try to get them at a lower price as well after tomorrow nite.

Houston +225

Swoopes is finally healthy again and leading the league in Minutes and tons of other Cats. The addition of Staley who is trying to end her career with a championship has this team Inspired. They will have a hard time with Sue Bird But they will contol her with the Tag team of Arcain, who has tired in the past without a capable Backup, and Staley. The Remergence of Tina Thompson from Maternity leaves this the pivitol deciding Factor in the series. She has been Brilliant getting back in the swing of things since Returning at mid-season. The Comets hold the edge at center as well with snow over Burse. Snow is Lighter and quicker and will exploit that.

Conn -330

The best team all year and will prolly sweep this series with ease. Det used up all it's energy scraping and clawing for the playoffs and don't have much left in the tank.

SAC -200

If Holdclaw and Leslie don't score 40 a nite can you say sweep to Prolly the most consistant team in the Ladies Gangsta Hoops league in the 2nd Half.

The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
If I had to wager, I would take the dogs in the series, but I am just observing.

Give em' hell.