WNBA First Round Playoffs Thread


EOG Master

NY -1.5
Hous -2.5 (Top Play)


Conn PK (top play)
SAC +3 (almost as strong as Conn)

Sorry for lack of Analysis. But will post if anyone wants it. I have been working out of town and getting home late and leaving early. Also have gotten away from it since some other sites I have been to bashing starts when what you think will happen doesn't happen. Don't think this site is like that But will have to feel my way out.

Thanks for letting me post here.


EOG Master
Got it Back on Track last nite 2 winners. NY was hard to take getting OUtscored 14-2 in the last 2 minutes to blow a would seem like sure win.

IND -5
Houston +5

Good LUck to all