Your Level of Concern About the Coronavirus......on a scale of 1-10

Just doing the math of known deaths vs known cases(which we know are way understated), other than the NY/NJ/NE early hotspot, most states have death rates of between 1-2.5 %, so depending on what estimate you use for true cases numbers - perhaps 5-8 times the known positives, you get a death rate in the expected range - .3 - .5 %.
I guess I cant refute nonsense with facts, right now the estimates are 20-25 million americans have had it, with 130K deaths - do the math, that would be .57% if you split the estimate and use 22.5 million as a figure. It's likely that's an understatement as well, so the real number is prob lower, more in the .3-.4% range.

You cant use NY numbers as a real esitmate because they had a lopsided proportion of elderly infected due to the fact they sent infected patients back to nursing homes to infect the others.
Scientists have a new gambling, you are using wrong numbers

And you will have a dozen NYC's in about 2 weeks. And in about 4 weeks lets see where your daily deaths trend.
You are a rank sucker buddy. You are so far behind the curve that I only hope you are betting into para mutual pools so I can just say thank you

Tell me what the infection-fatality rate is? You don't even know what that means

And you really think 131k dead Americans in 4 months is something to be embraced

Dude nobody since William Lee annoys me more than you.
You can't even spell parimutuel.

Certainly glad you're in them.


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What happened, did she shut you down again? if so why, did your data change?
she made drinking bars serve outside only (70%+ drinking sales). Most are not set up for that, so they closed. Most got their liquor orders Tuesday/Wednesday, so it’s paid for. Numbers were rising because of some bars in the cities.
Active Shooter Scene Going on at Shopping Mall in Braintree, Ma.

Mall in Current Lockdown, Some Shoppers Ran out and Called 911, but no one answered the call.

De Fund The Police.

This is Future That Democrats Want.