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    The good news is that you arent banned from the other place, the bad news is that nobody really noticed. What did you do to get such a sour taste in everyone's mouth??

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    Default Re: My (+200 unit) MLB Chase Challenge with Shrink

    Didnt mean to piss you off...

    Here's another winner: Tigers Team Toatal OVER 4 (-120)

    As you know...I'm the King with Team totals.

    GL my friend!!!!

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    Default Re: My (+200 unit) MLB Chase Challenge with Shrink

    1-1 with a push on sunday ($0)

    tracker room record: 6-9 (-$491)

    play for monday april 14

    16. Royals Over 8 (+1.00) $300 to win $300--LOSER!

    no additions. listed pitchers

    Any chance you are going to revive your last project EVER and bring us all those winners you have been promising!!!!

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    Default Re: Strike 2

    Either lay off or say good bye, nimrod....time for PR for you!

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    Default Re: My (+200 unit) MLB Chase Challenge with Shrink

    ttpc: 67-84 (44.4%)

    tuesdays plays

    152. milwaukee -7

    153. orlando +1

    if either loses, its over and the benjamin will go in the mail tomorrow. im a man of my word.

    Why are my posts getting deleted??? I am asking questions...please be careful of this guy...thats all I am asking...again...are you still affiliated with PTO SPORTS????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Journeyman View Post
    Either lay off or say good bye, nimrod....time for PR for you!
    haha now i see it's the dipshit j-man in charge of who goes on post review no wonder that it took 30posts of pto sports bashing a poster IN THE MAIN FORUM to get on PR but it only takes my post IN THE DUMP to get on PR because THERE ABOUT you J-MAN.


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    Default Re: My (+200 unit) MLB Chase Challenge with Shrink


    I'll stay out of your crap but I just wish you would take everything down a notch. This scenario with you has happened how many times?? We counted over 22 at the other place.

    --Go on a run, think you have the end all to sports betting, one major hit and you disappear. Its documented my friend, almost to exhaustion.

    Now you AGAIN are going to start playing BLINDLY playing ML Dogs. You have proven to yourself this doesnt work but you are going to get other people believing in something that just isn't profitable.

    Honestly, its nice to see a fellow "progosticator" excited about an endeavour but what happens when one of these series loses?? Profits are gone and you will go too, leaving everyone behind like you have done countless times before.

    I did lose quite a bit on the Celtics, to answer your question, but nothing that hasnt been made up already(the friggin Tigers team total as well)...but sound money mgmnt is the key in this industry...I had it to lose and I was back at it the next day.

    I saw your post (or bait as you called it) and you know what...Good for you for having the balls to post over there. I hope this works out for you but most of all I hope you are honest with have admitted yourself this has been an issue for you in the past.

    Good Luck with the system and if you keep this up I just might have to let you in on my team total system which has been doing great with all these unders coming in.


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