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hahahahaha, sorry

i didnt think we were gonna do poster shoutouts and he threw it up there and all that i had in my head were guys i saw a lil while before we recorded

my bad homie.... glad u liked tho

we are hoping to make them a reg thing. maybe u can come on one some time!
Hahaha I was just playing when I brought up my shoutout. BTW, I dont know if I said it in the other thread or not, but I thought the program was pretty damn cool. The only thing I did not like was the whole Kenny skit.

That was pretty wack.

Other than that it was pretty damn cool and I will be listening from here on out. You guys did a good job.

We gotta talk so we can get Mama on your show. She does not know shit about sports, but she is fun. :thumbsup