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    ytd: 15W-11L -0.75*
    j.vazquez -155 $200 (play up to -200, but then at 1*unit)
    **i got this early at an almost PK'em. i think this line is still a steal. its hard to route ever against jens pulver. he is a great fighter and has a style that many blue print today. his boxing is crisp and his power is crushing. however time has pasted little evil and it shows. he still has that power and that chance but vasquez is a decent striker with great movement. he should have ample opportunity to get this down and control the fight. jens is well rounded and has a dangerous guard but i just don't like this match up for him. jens has been beaten really hard in almost all of his recent fights and its taking a toll. to me vazquez is equal to better in all but one area(power).
    m.torres -275 $25
    **torres the former bantemweight champion and pound for pound king looks to jump into the mix again against a very tough, highly explosive faber protege. the key here is torres and scrap anywhere the fight goes. his pace, intensity and cardio allow him to push the fight in his direction and effectively punish his game plan. in his lost to bowles it ws striking power that made the difference and that isn't the case for sat. torres really only loses by wrestling against benvidez who has great takedowns and top control. bottomline here is torres has over 40 fights and has seen in all. most forget he is a great grappler(another key for him) and his BJJ is sick. throw in his long lanky body and his active guard a ton of big fight experience and i think he just plains overwhelms and wins.
    3-fighter parlay
    l.garcia,r.lamas,s.jorgenson $50 to win $54
    **garcia fights ufc and tuf alum g.roop sat in what should be easy pick'ins. some forget that garcia himself has fought in the ufc at 155lbs and did ok. he is a viscious striker with power and speed and that will be the difference. roop does eveything ok and lacks the power and takedown speed to slow garcia down. should be over quickly
    **lamas is fighting a very tough veteran and should be able to take it down and control all 3rounds for a decision win.
    **jorgenson is one of my favs, he should be able to win easily. he is great in all areas. his striking alone should win but his wrestling is awesome and he uses it wisely. this will be a well rounded display of skills to a victory.
    bol guys

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    not a perfect night as i had hoped but +$$.
    vazquez W +$200
    torres L -$68.75
    3-fighter parlay W +$34.28(garcia -435 cancelled(split decision draw)
    2-1 +$165.72
    17W-12L +$90.72

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    good job Dream. A plus night is always good! Congrats on your picks.

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    Good job dream! :thumbsup

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    ty guys!!, nice to pull into the black after a horrible start to the year


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