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    mma ytd: 43W-30L +$465.01

    Cung li -270 $75
    **scott smith is just one of those guys who we see every year on some playoff run team where he comes off the bench and makes magic. he is less than average of a fighter who packs an incredible punch and somehow despite being in horrible situations pulls out the homerun. Last time out against cung li we saw smith limited with cung's fast and powerful legs kicks. as the fight went on cung started to fade down and before we could blink he was rocked. this time out cung will be better prepared with a full camp(no hollywood) and his cardio will be up to par. his offensive plan really needs no changes. he can at will circle and strike until he chops smith down to nothing. i expect a faster and stronger approach this time around and see no reason to bet against him. this play if anything is more of a feel play on what i saw last tie and how i perceive there skill set.

    F.werdum +450 $25
    **if anything i have seen form fedor his last 4 fights is that his opponents are capable of closing the gap and getting inside. form this point fedor is not as dangerous and really the only safe place for werdum to be when trying to take this down. his options of the takedown or pulling guard are good and if he is struggling i like his size and clinch work to slow the pace and maybe even work the fence a little. if he gets it down there is no reason to believe he cannot do what he does best and should he be fighting off his back he has the size, skills, knowledge and active guard to try up fedor and maybe, just maybe catch him. lets face it, in almost all of his fights fedor has given up his range and been placed in highly defensive positions. werdum has been around has enough striking to hang around to gain the position he needs. i like the value here, simply put fedor finds ways to win, this time around if he opens himself up he may be on his back with a guy who is alot bigger. takening the chance.

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    2-0 +187.50
    ytd: 45-30 +$652.51


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