Cultural Marxism: Understanding the origins of Political Correctness

Posted by The Right Scoop on April 13th, 2012 in Politics | 33 Comments

In light of some of our posts this morning that deal with this nasty American infection called political correctness, itís worthwhile to understand the roots of political correctness and its purpose is in America. To do that I have two videos for you, the first being a more full explanation of the origins of political correctness, how it came to be and why, its implementation and how it came to America. I know it sounds dry, but it really isnít. In fact it is very enlightening.The second video is Bill Whittle on the very same topic, tying it into present day narratives driven by the MSM. Whittle sums up what you get in the first video as well, but I highly recommend watching both videos to get a more full understanding of it.It opens up a whole new world of understanding as to why our culture is all out of whack.