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Perhaps i'll bark up that tree.

Show Mr. Kelly the panel and then show him all the other members who have that IP address since its from FedEx. You continue to deceive the forum. I have decided to register again under my real life name and real life town. In my next post you will understand why. Rest assured you do not want to go against me in the brains department.

In addition, disclose to the members of the community who you constantly deceive, my first action upon registration. You have my full permission to disclose my email address as well.
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once or twice posted from a Fedex office in NYC. It was during my contest with Lee. Thats it. You are making yourself look bad again. There must be some explanation but its not me!

So you are telling me, you just happen to post from the same Fedex office that the person you happen to admire dearly did. Thats amazing, why didnt you just post from that shiny new smartphone you bought so you could stalk yourself better with?