Every year I post the names of those I personally helped get home by retrieving their bodies. I try a new forum each Memorial day on the hopes that a relative reads it. I just want to say that there were no cowards in this list. All did their duty. God bless them and a thank you to their families. Each patrol had no survivors.

SGt Botts David M 8/20/68 11B40
PFC Gau Louis E 8/20/68 11B10
PFC Goins Michael R 8/20/68 11B10
PFC Smith Albert D 8/20/68 11B10

SGT Johnson Dean H 3/8/69 11B40
PFC Bethea Raymond L 3/9/69 11B10
SGT Burleson Clarence P 3/9/69 11B40
SGT McDonald Jerry C 3/9/69 11C40
S44 Millison Edward J 3/9/69 11B20
SP4 Nofford Clarence 3/9/69 11B20
SGT Protto Jr Robert B 3/9/69 11B40
SP4 Turner Thomas G 3/9/69 11B20
PFC Mitchell Julius A 3/10/69 11B10
SP4 Stedl William J 3/10/69 11C20