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Thread: "The Dream Team" tonight on NBA TV

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    Default "The Dream Team" tonight on NBA TV

    "On Wednesday night, NBA TV will show a documentary that has the real, riveting narrative that the Dream Team has never had. Danny Meiseles, the N.B.A.’s executive vice president of production, programming, and broadcasting — and executive producer of “The Dream Team” — saw an opportunity for the league’s network to give basketball fans a fuller picture.In the documentary, stars like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Charles Barkley relive the experience in considerable detail."

    Tonight @ 9PM ET

    I set it to record... should be good

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    Default Re: "The Dream Team" tonight on NBA TV

    i'm going to watch it thanks

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    Default Re: "The Dream Team" tonight on NBA TV

    Not bad. Barkley was great as always. Nobody liked isaiah thomas. They froze his ass out when it came selection time. Happens when u tote a punchable looking face.

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    Default Re: "The Dream Team" tonight on NBA TV

    Any truth to the rumor that 'Rail' was on Angola +67.5 for the opener?

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    Boring! My favorite Olympic team was the one coached by Bobby Knight in 1984(Los Angeles).


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