Biography - Who Is Frank "Money" Farmer?

Hard work and a passion to be the very best. Those words best describe how Frank "Money" Farmer approaches his life as full time sports bettor.

One must eat, sleep and breathe this lifestyle if they want to succeed at it and this is exactly the same approach Frank takes to his occupation. It is a minimum 12 hour a day, 7 day a week job. He works this hard so he can stay one step ahead of the competition. In fact he is usually handicapping the entire betting card a whole day in advance, looking at tomorrow's games today.

Pouring over power ratings, statistics, looking at match-ups, reading and researching everything he can find on every game on the board. It's all about information and with 20+ years of winning under his belt he knows exactly what to look for and how to decipher all this information once he gathers it. Frank doesn't just make his own number on each and every game and then bets the game that he feels is the most points off. He takes things a step further and does what he feels pushes him past most in the handicapping world. By following the daily ebb and flow of every sport he handicaps, what he tries to do is get a feel for what a team will do for that particular game he is looking at. The question he is constantly asking himself is " How will this team play on this day?" He is looking for peak performances, flat efforts, etc...This is unlike most handicappers who are only concerned how good a team looks on paper based on their seasonal statistics. That method no longer works. You must do more to win these days. The key is seeing things before the others see them. It could be something as big a Monday Night Football game or a MAC conference basketball game, money is money and he is working hard to find the mistakes that are out there in the sports betting market place everyday.

Frank is smart enough to know that he can't do this alone. He is in constant communication with many other full time sports bettors that he has met over the years. He has developed relationships with some of the biggest and most respected bettors in the sports betting industry. He is constantly trading opinions and sharing information with many of the best handicappers around.

Frank has been in the sports advisory business for 20+ years with major success. Hard work, valuable information, and winning contacts. Frank "Money" Farmer leaves no stone unturned. What things are you doing to beat this very difficult game? Let Frank "Money" Farmer take you to the next level!