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I agree...impossible situation to fight in, if there ever is one....it's just weird to get called out like that, I've neevr had that happen, I am much different in person though and would probably laugh it off, like 'okay whatever' ...I've never been threatened though like that, I'm just thinking how weird it had to have felt to be at Ken's house and having somebody trash talking.

You did the right thing for sure...fighting is overrated....weird how you ended up having somebody wanting to fight you for no reason, it's not like it was a college party.

the kid was drunk, he came over and started fuckin with me for no reason and his mom grabbed him because she didnt want me to do something to him. i told her that he didnt bother me and that he was fine. then he started taking it to another level for some reason. at first of course i was just laughin....he was just drunk and makin some jokes. i didnt like his hands on me, but i didnt care much. then he goes off with the threats and all...its just not easy to let it continue when you know you can make it stop. i think you've said that you dont really drink? man...its much harder after 8-9 shots and 10-15 beers.


all is well. honestly, i feel that i showed ken, tony, and that family more respect than what anyone could have reasonably hoped i could offer. being in that situation was ridiculous but i didnt let things get out of hand.

a fight would have proved nothing. i wasnt gonna kick someones ass because it would make a story on eog. the drama aint fome