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    I have a problem with the beach house and had to drive to sc this morning and on the way down a flat tire, took all day traveling down to solve the problem and i have been driving in a down pouring rain for most of the morning and afternoon and just got in a hr ago..miss a lot of games today, including the early football.all well some days are not your days...........at least duke lost today..........sat are not suppose to be this way

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    A whole lot better than Railbirds day....0-7 or 1-6 and all the games were blowouts.Ouch

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    yep i guess you have got to think postive Fifty at least it was rain here and not ice, update for sunday on the football here, should be a perfect day for football, sunday and in the mid 50's

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    North Myrtle Beach and Calabash are nice places....

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    Hershey yes i love n myrtle and the windy hill area.also we have restaurant row close by with a lot of great eats, lot of tennis and golf courses

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    Here's my crap day

    -I don't own a beach house


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    Kraken, i hope the games going your way today, i tell you what, a couple of times today i think i wish i didnt have one too.man what a day with all this rain too and the flat tire was the icing on top i think, well at least no speeding ticket going or coming so i guess that a plus for the day.bol with all your sunday action


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