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    Quote Originally Posted by WVU View Post
    Stand down, Mr Bean. Stand the fuck down. Thanks.
    Men are born for games. Nothing else... the worth or merit of a game is not inherent in the game itself but rather in the value of that which is put at hazard. Games of chance require a wager to have meaning at all. Games of sport involve the pride of victory & the humiliation of defeat; which are themselves sufficient stake... But trial of chance or worth, all games aspire to the condition of war, for here, that which is wagered swallows up game, player, all.

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    made up drama

    it's all scripted folks.

    most viewed thread in months

    JK gets it

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    Speaking of Johnny K. He is Real Quiet. How do you feel about this little kid you showered with contests and radio appearances, paid contributor status - who is now ripping you to shreds? Great pick JK!

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    like JK cares

    the dude dont give 2 fucks

    have you not seen the shit posted about him?


    so you really think he gonna care about some twitter poster

    unfucking real

    bunch of retards

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    This kid if it was an EOG bash wouldn't say shit to anybody here. At this point he would never show up like he apparently discontinued his cell phone # to prevent confrontation. I just wanted to audition for your podcast Matthew? Call me bud.

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    some weird fucks out in this world

    you actually call him


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    Quote Originally Posted by hustledouble View Post
    I'm glad in the past 14 days neither of the two of you here in the Valley of Geniuses had the mental capacity to confer with each other or to me about why I wasn't contacting you back?

    Ivy fucking league.

    Nevermind about the money birdie, you've probably been scammed out of twice that already this week by churches, televangelists and door-to-door meat salesman.

    This place is like an entire tree of low hanging fruit.
    You realize you came to this forum full of low hanging fruit geriatrics to cry about $250 right? Maybe go spend another day in the beautiful Austin weather, come back, and try again.

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    You can't un-ring the bell.....this kills 'Rails' stellar forum reputation.

    The art of learning is learning who to ignore ~LeAnn Rimes

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    I wonder what Dink thing about this topic? Would like to read his opinion and hear him talk about this on Tuesday.

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    there are 2 FACTS here... 1. rail is slow paying for some reason... 2. the kid is crying so bad over 250 that there is 0 doubt he would have slow payed/stiffed... NO DOUBT ... why do you fucking morons continue to gamble with each other

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    Who looks more trustworthy? I would have to say Birdie. If goofy is correlated to stiffy then hustle.

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    What did you guys do to HustleDouble?

    10-23-2014, 11:21 PM

    We added him to our Pro SportsOptions account ... as long as he'd do a weekly podcast and maybe write something here or there. I was going to go on one of his shows, but he never got back to me. We were wondering where the hell he had gone... then next thing you know he was starting an NBA contest over @ EOG. LOL It would've been nice if he had told us instead of just running off.

    I saw Cat Boy paste some posts from EOG... Teddy and RJT were questioning his contest format... and HustleDouble went off the rails.

    These forums aren't for everyone, I guess.

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    Translation. Matthew agreed to provide 'services' for a free sports options account and then breached his verbal contract by leaving TGF with no warning. That makes hustle double a stiff.

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    Don't pay him Railbird. Donate the coin to the NAACP instead or NOW.

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