Turnberry’s famous Ailsa course, at the Trump Turnberry Resort, Scotland, will be the host venue for the 2015 Ricoh Women’s British Open, from July 30th– August 2nd. But Donald Trump’s controversial comments on immigrants almost turned the tables around for this particular event.

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In the turmoil generated by Trump’s demeaning statements, Trish Wilson, Chairman of the LGU (the organization that actually controls the British Open), felt the need to clarify that, while the Ricoh Women’s British Open will still be held at Trump’s venue due purely to a logistics factor , it doesn’t mean a thing: “We do not agree with Mr. Trump’s comments and we would reiterate the views in the statement made earlier this month by the LPGA, PGA of America, PGA Tour and USGA. With 21 days to go to the start of the Championship, there is no consideration of changing venue and the Championship will take place exactly as scheduled.”

On the other hand, LPGA Tour Commissioner Mike Whan made this statement –to Golf.com- mostly as an afterthought of Wilson’s, simply reinforcing the decision not to change venues at the last moment: “At the current time, plans are to continue to stage the Ricoh Women’s British Open at Turnberry. With just three weeks until the championship, a change in venue for this prestigious major simply isn’t feasible without significantly diminishing the event. By no means, however, does this decision suggest support for Mr. Trump’s comments. The LPGA will continue its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the game of golf as it has done for the last 65 years.”

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Trump’s response was way off the mark, first and foremost because he directed it towards the LPGA, which doesn’t really have a say on the venue, and not at the LGU, who actually issued the statement he considered off-putting. He basically told the LPGA Commissioner that he’s free to hold the tournament somewhere else and that he’s not going to stand in his way, if the deterring factor is the contract.

*“You have an absolutely binding contract to play the great Turnberry Ailas course but, based on your rude comment to the press, please let this letter serve to represent that, subject to a conversation with me on the details, I would be willing to let you play the Women’s British Open, in two weeks, at another course rather than magnificent Turnberry (which I own).”

Trump’s response begins claiming to be a tremendous supporter of women’s golf and even allows LPGA members to practice at his facilities for free, despite very unthrilled comments from the members of the clubs, but clearly spews at Whan to take his business elsewhere.


Trump’s comments have not only cost him millionaire deals with NBC Universal and Univision networks, but the PGA of America has already stated that October’s Grand Slam of Golf will not be held at Trump National in Los Angeles. ESPN is also moving the ESPY charity golf tournament from that same venue to the Newport Beach Pelican Hill Golf Club nearby. So there you go.


The Ricoh Women’s British Open was founded in 1976 by LGU; it is carried out conjointly with the largest sports marketing company known as IMG. The event gained Major status in 2001. Ricoh, a technology company that specializes in imaging equipment for office use, print solutions, document management systems and IT services, is the title sponsor of the Ricoh Women’s British Open since 2007.

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