Ducks vs Penguins Monday - The Anaheim Ducks take their winning stretch on the road to play against a dangerous Pittsburgh Penguins squad that is fighting to hold onto a playoff spot. The Penguins have recently begun an upward trend, putting themselves back into the playoff picture when many had already counted them out. Anaheim finds themselves in the same boat after starting the season miserably but now refocused and reenergized thanks to excellent goaltending and the league’s best penalty kill unit.

Ducks vs Penguins Monday
There are 3 prominent names that come to mind when talking about the Pittsbugh Penguins. *Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Kris Letang. Evgeni Malkin has added to his highlight reel all season long, making seemingly impossible and unfair plays resulting in spectacular scores. Malkin has been at the top of his game all season and now finds Crosby and Letang playing up to par recently as well. Kris Letang has suffered through more scary injuries than most teams see in a decade, which makes his recent play all the more impressive. Letang has 8 goals and 24 points in his last 16 games for the Penguins and has scored at critical times giving the Penguins the boost when they need it at the right times. Sidney Crosby seems to have found his mojo again as he is now on a point per game pace that seemed to elude him for the first half of the season.

Strong goaltending from both their starter and their backup has steadily allowed Anaheim to shake off their Western Conference Finals blues*from the prior season. They have seemingly catapulted into the Pacific divison’s third place spot. Both John Gibson and Fredrik Andersen have put up stellar numbers allowing the league’s “worst offense” to find its feet and get the wagon moving again. When you have a capable veteran like Corey Perry leading your team night in and night out, its usually only a matter of time before things start going your way. Perry’s 21 goals leads the team and he has recently seen help from many different contributors. For the past few years, Anaheim had been known as a one trick pony of sorts. Essentially that if you shut down the 1st scoring line (far easier said than done) you weren’t going to have too many problems after that. Now with names like Ryan Kesler and David Perron, the Ducks are enjoying scoring depth previously unseen from them.

The Penguins are fighting an uphill battle attempting to maintain the last playoff berth in the East.*Anaheim seems to be rolling through the Pacific division at a steady pace that could see them in the*top spot before long. Both teams are accustomed to winning and both are heading in the right direction after questionable starts to their seasons. Conference crossing games like these can help set a tone for a team for weeks to come.