<img src='http://www.eog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/golovkinwade.jpg'><br><br>Golovkin Rolls Over Wade - Saturday night, April 23rd saw the Inglewood Forum in Los Angeles at near capacity for an HBO Boxing double header hyped as a show featuring two of the best fighters on the planet.

Golovkin gave his opponent approximately one round to do something, and Wade was cautious. Golovkin sent Wade to the floor at the end of round one as if to give the crowd a taste of what was to come in round two. Wade was hit with a right that sent him tothe canvas, and the referee thought about stopping it. Wade gamely asked to continue however, but Golovkin gave him only seconds. The next right hand put Wade down again ,and this time his scrambled sensors would not let him get up on time. Golovkin barely broke a sweat.
Golovkin Rolls Over Wade and More
And then there is Gonzalez, the pound for pound fighter in the world. Gonzalez won, and by a wide margin, but he failed to do anything overly impressive. Instead he opted for the lunch pail approach, as he outworked a good fighter in Arroyo from start to finish. Gonzalez applied relentless pressure against Arroyo, who must have felt like the referee was koining in on taking shots, he got hit from so many angles. Arroyo is going to regret the chance he had, because he could not get off his big right hand with any consistency. Though only one judge saw fit to give Arroyo even one round, he can go homewith his head held high because he took everything Gonzalez had to offer and was never in any danger of being put away.

Sometime later this year, HBO will package Triple "G" with "Chocolatito" again, and they will look to put their next fight on pay-per-view. For that to be the case, HBO is going to have to step up the quality of Golovkin's opponent.

NOTE:*(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)