Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt Set - The UFC and President Dana White promised a bombshell for UFC 200, and they delivered this week as it was announced that pro wrsetler and former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar would return to face Mark Hunt. The fight is Saturday, *July 9th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and on the UFC Network's PPV.

There was a lot of specualtion when his return was announced over who the opponent would be. Lesnar had to be careful as it is a fine line between fight and farce when the pro wrestler is concerned. But the UFC has sent in Hunt, the 40 year old veteran who is as credible as they come. And the fact is that Lesnar does have a chance in this one because as a grappler/wrestler, huis strength is Hunt's weakness. Lesnar does not really want to sit there and trade leather with and experienced and seasoned striker like Hunt.

But now tha the is back, Lesnar is 38 years old and some of the athletic explosion he had is probably used up. *Hunt's best bet is going to be to try and test lesanr's tank which means make the big guy work hard for the takedowns and stay safe once on the ground. As the time and the rounds extend themselves, the takedowns for lesnar could become a lot harder and more exhausting.

Lesnar's best chance in this one is going to be to get Hunt to the ground early and put a hurting on him that is enough to get the stoppage. The fight heavily favors Hunt as it goes deeper, and Hunt is still the one who can deliver a very efficient KO in this one, while Lesnar likely has to accumulate the damage to Hunt.

Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt Set
Below are the opening lines and over/under details set at the sport books.

Heavyweight 3 rounds -
Brock Lesnar +158 o1½ +165
Mark Hunt -180 u1½ -205