Putting In Contacts Lenses Is Easy With This Quick Guide

For first time users, putting in contact lenses can seem like a daunting task. The concept of actually putting a foreign object in your eye is a bit frightening. You wonder whether it will hurt, if it will get lost in your eye or even if you will be grossed out by touching your eyeball. It is definitely a strange experience the first couple of times you do it. But luckily, putting in contacts is relatively simple, and once you get over the initial apprehension, it is something you will be able to do one-handed without a mirror after a little practice.

Before you attempt to insert your contacts for the first time, take a few minutes to prepare the area you will be working at and to get all of the materials you will need handy. This includes your contact lenses, a lens case and saline or multi-purpose solution. You will also need a sink with soap and water so you can wash your hands before starting. If you are nervous, wash your hands first and then find a place where you can sit down to put your lenses in, instead of standing up at the sink. Until you have mastered putting contacts in, sinks are your enemy, as these small, slippery things have a knack for finding their way down into them.

Step one to inserting your contacts is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Air drying your hands is recommended so that you don锟絫 get towel lint on your fingers, which can end up in your eye. If you are heading to a seated area with a mirror, try not to touch anything on the way.

Once you are settled in, it is time for the fun to begin. Open the right lens case compartment and scoop out the contact with your index finger. Place the lens, bottom side down, either on your index finger or in the palm of your hand and make sure the lens is not http://www.valentinoshoessales.com/ inside-out. An inside-out soft contact lens锟?edge will curve straight out instead of curving in like a cup. Placing an inside-out lens in your eye will be uncomfortable and it can move around and possibly fall out.

Once you are sure the lens is right side up, take your saline or multi-purpose solution and rinse it thoroughly. Valentino Shoes Online If it folds down under the stream of saline, just push it back up with your other index finger or your thumb. Once rinsed, gently transfer the lens to the index finger you will be using to insert it into your eye.