Adam Lambert is known for his dramatic interpretations and theatrical performances on American Idol, and he was in true form Tuesday for the final night of performances, when he took on Kris Allen in the season 8 showdown. Golden Goose Scarpe

For his first song, a reinterpretation of one of his highlights, Gary Jules's "Mad World," Lambert appeared out of smoke and blue light at the top of a staircase in silhouette. As he descended into the spotlight, singing with control and skill, he emerged in a full-length trench coat.

The coat became a sticking point for Simon, who thought the performance was "a little bit over theatrical" and said, "maybe it was the coat" that reminded him of Phantom of the Opera.

Randy, who "loved the long coat," offered his own, more contemporary take Golden Goose on the trench: "Twilight," he said, "It was Twilight!"

At that point, Adam showed off the coat, which was made by L.A.-based menswear designer Michel Golden Goose Saldi Online Berandi.