The gold bangle Pandora Earrings cheap sale is listed in the US as a November release. I love the new twotone bracelet and the textured bracelet, though I haven’t seen the textured bracelet listed anywhere in the sales book of my concept store. The origami necklaces haven’t shown up here yet, but I have seen the little charms for it, and they are cute. Also, the little prince and princess charms are pretty large.
I bought some of the essence and the new Pandora rose bangle and heart bracelets, which I love. I also bought the pink and blue pave clasp bracelets and the owl, fairytale bloom, opulent heart and cerise and opalescent radiant charms. And I did it all by selling some gold jewelry I never wear! I plan to sell more to get the gold bangle!I remembering Pandora Charms sale cheap being so pleasantly surprised by the Pandora and CIN team-up last year, and it’s just as nice to see them continuing to support the charity this year! I prefer this year’s design to last year’s, as I prefer the greater level of detail of full-bodied designs, so I will definitely be picking up this Pudsey charm to go with my one from last year.

I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to wear my Frosty Mint shimmer murano – I’m thinking of doing something a bit different and putting it with two of the Rapunzel Signature Colour muranos Pandora Animal Charms sale cheap from the Disney collection, but am not sure just yet! I have a few ‘bought on a whim’ beads that are sitting on charm bars, waiting to be homed, haha – the dangers of impulse buying!