CM Flunk Taps Fast - If you were watching the UFC 203 PPV this past Saturday night, you saw that Mickey Gall defeated Phil Brooks in a welterweight bout that lasted 2:14 seconds. If you didnt know who Phil Brooks was, then you may have thought this prelim match was misplaced, but Brooks is former WWE star CM Punk and this "match" was almost two years in the making.

Punk came out too tense wanting to land punches and he got taken down immediately. From there, he appeared to attempt a basic guard defense but once on the ground Gall was so much more advanced than Punk that you could hear announcer Joe Rogan's embarassment for Punk during the live call of the fight. You really have to go back to the 90's to see a fighter less prepared than Punk for a UFC match. Now Punk versus Wes Albritton, that might be competitive, but it should happen on a card in an Alabama bar with kickboxing and a wet t-shirt contest also on the bill. That is where it belongs not on a pay-per-view in the sport's biggest promotion.

CM Flunk Taps Fast
As an experiment, it went terribly, and the UFC should thank him and move on. Unfortunately, Brooks is already talking about giving it another shot and that should not be something anyone has to pay for.

What is going to be next for Mickey Gall is an interesting question. It will be interesting to see the UFC 203 salaries listed with the boxing commission, as Gall probably made more than most fighters in their 3rd overall fight. And what Punk made for the steaming pile of crap performance he put on will also likely be a much talked about figure. What should not be forgotten about Gall is that he is a promising youngster and may need a dozen more fights before he is ready for a UFC main card based on skill alone.

The CM Punk experiment was an absolute abortion for the sport and also for CM Punk's career. He had already in his arrogance burnt the bridge with the WWE, but the UFC loss was a nice, big slice of humble pie. Crawling back to the WWE on his knees should be his next step.

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