WWE Clash of Champion Preview - The WWE's Clash of Champion is scheduled for this Sunday, September 25th at the Bankers Life Field House in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the first RAW-only WWE event since the "brand split" with Smackdown earlier this year.

The main event is set to feature the WWE Universal title on the line as champ Kevin Owens faces the challenge of Seth Rollins in the main event. Owens took the Universal title when Triple H injected himself into the storyline and gave him the win on August 29th. Owens has been terrific since his call-up from NxT and there really was no need for old executive Triple H to stay in the storyline, but it does make the match with Rollins more intriguing because of Rollins former association with Triple H and The Authority.

It will be interesting to see if Triple H becomes part of the story again at Clash of Champions. Will the WWE let Rollins and Owens decide things between themselves, or will the old, boring "Authority" storyline make another in-ring appearance in the form of 50 year old Triple H?

WWE Clash of Champion Preview
The WWE pay-per-views typically get lines for the major matches at the sports books, and the Clash of Champions is no different. Check back later in the week to see the lines that are issued.

The WWE tag team champions The New Day are facing the challenge of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, who are part of AJ Styles' "Bullet Club." The New Day have been a wildly popular and successful tag team during their title run, and it isn't clear if the WWE is ready to move away from them as of yet. Gallows and Anderson have a lot of heat, but the New Day gimmick still has legs.

The WWE women's title will be on the line between Charlotte, the titleholder, and Sasha Banks.

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