McGregor Aces Alvarez at UFC 205
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    McGregor Aces Alvarez - Last Saturday, November 12th Conor McGregor made UFC fighting history by becoming the first man to hold titles in two UFC weight classes at the same time. The featherweight champion successfully moved up to lightweight to knock out titleholder Eddie Alvarez just after the halfway point of round 2.

    Alvarez, for all his firepower, was stifled throughout the fight by McGregor, who used his precise punching to stop Alvarez in his tracks. Alvarez went to the canvas several times throughout the fight and McGregor was never in any real danger. It was the same display of prescision that saw him pulverize Jose Aldo with one punch the frst time the two met. Alvarez perhaps didnt get completely disconnected, but McGregor at this point is starting to add the scalps of quality fighters to his resume.

    McGregor Aces Alvarez
    The odds saw McGregor enter the fight favored and Mcgregor just missed the 1 1/2 round over/under line. It will be interesting to see what the bombastic McGregor does next. At some point, titles are meant to be defended and Jose Aldo awaits at featherweight, and at lightweight Tony Ferguson or Khabib Nurmagomedov are licking their chops. The idea of moving to 170 and seeking the belt sat very well with titleholder Tyrone Woodley, eho said he would sign right away for that fight.

    The bottom line with McGregor is he really is beyond just one title or another. The best thing to do with him is to start getting together "superfight" type of opponents where the fights are more lucrative for all involved. McGregor fighting Georges St Pierre for the Canadian superstar's return would likely be the biggest fight in UFC history by a good margin.

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