Bill Goldberg - After 12 years away from the ring, Bill Goldberg answered the challenge of Paul Heyman and agreed to battle Brock Lesnar st the 2017 Survivor Series.* Paul Heyman issued the challenge on the October 10th episode of RAW.* He declared that the only blemish on Lesnar’s record was his defeat to Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX.* Goldberg answered the challenge on the October 17th episode of RAW and with much emotion and the crowd chanting his name, Goldberg accepted the challenge.

Goldberg and Lesnar faced off on November 20th at the Air Canada Centre in Canada.* The crowd was electric as the 49 year old Goldberg made his way into the ring.* Goldberg entered the ring with the same intensity he displayed 12 years prior.* The only indication of an aging Bill Goldberg was the gray that appeared in his goatee, physically he looked like he hadn’t missed a work out.* As the referee gave final instructions the two men stared at each other, Lesnar looking a little pasty and uncomfortable, while Goldberg looked to have no fear.

Once the bell rang, it was all Goldberg.* Goldberg tore through Lesnar like an F5 tornado through a trailer park.* Goldberg started the match with a hard spear to Lesnar’s liver.* While trying to recover from the first spear, Goldberg hit Lesnar with a second spear.* Lesnar was now set up to go vertical in the middle of the ring and fall victim to a signature Goldberg Jackhammer.* Lesnar was slammed to the canvas and Goldberg covered Lesnar for a very quick 1, 2, 3.* It took all of two minutes for the Survivor Series main event to begin and end.* The crowd was wild and Goldberg was once again the victor over Brock Lesnar.

Rumor has it that Goldberg and Lesnar will meet again.* With Goldberg already a participant, Lesnar has recently been announced as a 2017 Royal Rumble participant.* A perfect set up for Lesnar and Goldberg to face off again, where we are likely to see suplexes and animosity.* This clash could potentially set up a third match between the two at wrestlemania 2017.

The return of Bill Goldberg and the release of the new WWE video game “Suplex City 2K17” come hand in hand. Goldberg’s return has given the WWE some great publicity and the ability to plug the “Suplex City”.* This could be a fun rivalry and open doors for many more matches and storylines depending on how long Goldberg decides to stay.* For Goldberg, it’s an opportunity to once again bond with the fans.* And this time when he decides to retire, he can exit with cheers and support rather than the boos he heard after Wrestlemania XX.

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