Parker vs Ruiz Jr World Heavyweight Title Fight - the vacant WBO world heavyweight title is on the line this Saturday night in New Zealand as undefeated fighters Joseph Parker (21-0) and Andy Ruiz Jr (29-0) meet.

The belt sits vacant because of the much talked about fall of former champion Tyson Fury, who defeated Wladimir Klitschko at the end of last year to become "the man" in the heavyweight division only to fall from grace without even fighting again.

Meanwhile in New Zealand, the 24 year old Parker has been building up his resume under the careful watch of coach Kevin Barry, and he has fought himself into being the #1 contender with the WBO. Parker has been fighting predominantly in New Zealand throughout his career, but the shrewd Barry has had Parker targeting a world title from the very beginning of their run together. In many ways, this Saturday is the fruition of a lot of work by the Parker camp.

In Ruiz Jr however, they are also facing a young gun who appears to be very focused at this time in 2016. That was not always the case with Ruiz Jr, who has been called lazy, and as 2015 drew to a close his promoter Top Rank was questioning his motivation. He has already logged 3 fights in the last 6 months or so however, proving that he was willing to put in the work. After going 3-0 he earned this shot at the world title, and that is the kind of thing that can be very motivating to Ruiz Jr at this point in his still budding career. He will walk into the fight an underdog, but he has a chance here to brreak through and prove all his doubters wrong.

Parker vs Ruiz Jr World Heavyweight Title Fight
Vector Arena - Auckland, New Zealand
Heavyweight 12 rounds -
Andy Ruiz Jr +290
Joseph Parker -380

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