Boxing PED Black Eye - For the second time this year the World Boxing Council has been forced to remove their sanctioning from an Alexander Povetkin world title fight due to a failed test for PEDs.

The bizarre chain of events that followed the WBC's announcement on December 17th went this way. Povetkin and opponent Bermane Stiverne were weighed in and ready to go. The announcement came from the WBC after the weigh-ins and on the day of the fight. With the interim WBC belt off the table, Stiverne elected not to fight. Stiverne may also have taken into account Povetkin was positive for something and that Povetkin should not be available to fight.

It is*a perfect illustration of why PEDs are a deep and widening problem, the Russian promoters either had a back up plan or they moved a mountain to find a suitable opponent for Povetkin. The failed drug test didn't matter, the Russian promoter knows Povetkin didnt do "it". wink wink. The Russian Boxing Commission? Powerless to do anything in the face of a big money promoter. The show would go on and Povetkin fought.

The WBC's Silver belt was owned by Johann Duhaupas, who just happened to be in Ekaterinaburg, and he steps in to fight. No, his belt isnt on the line, but Povetkin has an opponent, one who apparently doesnt care that Povetkin may be getting better with age through medicine. He may care more now as Povetkin scored a powerful one punch KO over Duhaupas who was left prone on the canvas for several minutes.

Boxing PED Black Eye
So we are in a day that a guy fails a drug test for the second time in a year and he is allowed to walk into the ring and fight. He gets his payday. Meanwhile, Stiverne, the original opponent who did nothing wrong, is out a decent payday at the very least.

Can Povetkin's next opponent be Lucas Browne as we settle into a PEDBC era?

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