UFC 207 Bantamweight Fallout Post Fight - In more ways than one, the UFC 207 event this past Saturday was historic. Aside from Amanda Nunes wiping out Ronda Rousey in the main event, the second title fight and one other feature bout sent a signal of change in the men's bantamweight division.

For all the trash talking champion Dominick Cruz and challenger Cody Garbrandt issued before the fight, it seemed almost impossible for the two men to deliver a bout that met expectations. Kudos to both men, because they did. What we did see is that father time has caught up with the inimitable Cruz. But that wasn't the only thing, as unorthodox and cerebral as Cruz has been throughout the years, Garbrandt did come in prepared to solve some of Cruz' tricks, and he did, cutting off Cruz escapes with angles of his own and dropping Cruz to the canvas twice with punches. Cruz, who also prides himself in controlling the mental game could do nothing while his opponent talked throughout the fight and even delivered a few dancing steps to show Cruz he was not intimidated.

Cruz may ask for a re-match and his legacy may mean it warrants consideration, but nothing really in Saturday's performance screams Cruz deserves a rematch. It was Cruz who couldn't solve Gabrandt.

UFC 207 Bantamweight Fallout Post Fight
The second bantamweight bout saw former titleholder TJ Dillashaw face the challenge of surging John Lineker. Dillashaw showed new depth to his stand up game, appearing to model his game on the former champion Dominick Cruz' approach to stand-up fighting. It worked, as Lineker seemed undersized and had trouble getting close enough to Dillashaw to do damage. Dillashaw worked takedowns in very nicely and he pretty clearly has set up a shot for himself against Gabrandt next.

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