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    Quote Originally Posted by Baseball Zealot View Post
    How does someone profit from poker playing 1/2 or 2/4 when everybody is calling?

    Where does someone start who has played 1000s of hands online, with friends at the casino?
    I assume you are talking about 1/2 or 2/4 NL in california cardrooms.
    Im not a NL expert but I will take a stab and assume you have a lot of fear of losing if you are asking this particular question. More people in a pot is never a really bad thing. It can make for some tough decision making but overall if there are lots of multiway pots
    The game is good period. No ifs, ands or buts about it.
    If you have a difficult time playing large pots against multiple villains then increase your raise size, never limp especially out of position or early and 3 and 4 bet for isolation. Same as playing mid to high stakes limit vs. Competent competition play less hands but play them much more aggressively and dont be afraid to go broke if you are playing no limit or pot limit.
    If you cant get over that fear then good news you live in poker mecca and can pick up limit hold em, stud, stud 8 or better, o8, big o, razz, razzdugi, badugi, baduci, chinese poker etc etc and play as small or as big as you choose to.
    If I were starting off in LA with a very limited bankroll all over again. Lets say 4k
    Id play lhe 4/8 at commerce mon-wed
    6/12 o8 at hawaain gardens thur
    Commerce 4/8 o8 fk fri and saturday
    Id play the mixed game 6/12 at hustler every single time it ran. Id tip Roger the floor to text me every single time it went off. I fear going broke alot so I think about this often as you can probably tell.

    As for playing 1000s of hands online with your friends. I dont know. Your friends could be super terrible and you won't really know until you jump into games. Study alot of great players on youtube. Watch as much as you can, read alot of hand histories on 2p2, go to pokerstove and run out as many hands and scenarios as you can, learn to read boards and read wells on 2p2 of whatever player you want to become. Treat it like a job, keep records and pay taxes and take bad beats better everytime you take one.

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    Oh and dont play short. Thats just poker in general I see it at limit as well. If the table average has 2k dont buy in for 800 makes no sense unless you are a expert as short stacking, equity on the fly ninja (heres look at you bry bry) you are giving your money and opportunity almost no shot. Buy in for the table average or more. It also stops your mind from developing a panic when stuck mode.

    Ok thats all goodluck

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    Drink, more good stuff, keep it coming. I love the musings.

    Surprised at one comment, re: coming in at short-stack. There is one school of thought out there that entering w/ short-stack is an ok strategy. Don't have huge-odds behind where YOU can get stacked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckyG View Post
    Drink, more good stuff, keep it coming. I love the musings.

    Surprised at one comment, re: coming in at short-stack. There is one school of thought out there that entering w/ short-stack is an ok strategy. Don't have huge-odds behind where YOU can get stacked.
    I suppose that you can put your short chips in the middle to make a quick score but once you buy in for $80 and the average stack is $200 once you double up do you then quit? If you lose the 80 youre certainly rebuying, most have that in mind when they buy in short. You double 80 to 160 you are still not a average stack and have very little 3 and 4 betting respect I would imagine.
    I peronally want as much on a no limit table as the person with the most chips if for some reason I am drunk, somehow found myself in a casino and one with a poker room that only offered NL I would want to maximize my ability to win as much as possible in a hand before the drugs in my system wore off... thats about the only way Id play NL.

    In limit I never want to be short entering a pot for the same reasons. Also I have no ability to maneuver. What is check raising a semi bluff in limit if you have 3 bets left.
    I also don't want to be able to track how many buy ins Im down or how stuck or up I am, that creates a chase effect. You are no longer playing to win, you are hoping to play long enough to get the money back that you have already lost. Go play even a small mid stakes limit game say 20/40 and buy in for 400 see how much differently people play vs you compared to others. Also see how different your approach becomes with double that becomes. Hard to be brave when youre looking at a trip to the ATM, a chip runner or THE DRIVE.
    Everyone has different philosophies but if you dont bring 50 big bets to a casino for limit and 3 buy ins for big bet I dont think youre looking to play seriously and maximize your opportunities.

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    Thanks for sharing, Drink.

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    I play the Commerce limit games fairly often . 3/6 or 4/8 kill depending on the day. I leave based on losing initial buyin of 100 or 200 or 50% win. It is just a system play or hobby. What pisses me, in 40 yrs or so of playing, never been at a table hitting a jackpot, much less being one of the hands. I broke in when dealing 5 draw at the Rainbow / Monterey was posh.

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    Cheap, I'll throw u a bone here. If I hit a live poker jackpot > $1000 in Calendar Year 2017...I'll throw 25% of jackpot your way.

    Not saying it's gonna happen. But you're in play. Honor system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckyG View Post
    Cheap, I'll throw u a bone here. If I hit a live poker jackpot > $1000 in Calendar Year 2017...I'll throw 25% of jackpot your way.

    Not saying it's gonna happen. But you're in play. Honor system.
    Is that before or after taxes the progessive tonight is 128k.. thats a helluva offer Chuck

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    I meant to put fine-print:

    * Offer is 25% of (After-taxes and after-tip).

    Want Cheap to feel like he's in the game. Not like I'm spending 40 hours per week in poker room, however.

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    Thanks Chucky, you'd be better served without this monkey on your back..................go get em!

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    Cheap, if we hit it big, I'm happy to share the wealth. Could happen.

    If we buy the cola.

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    Great stuff Drink....would love to hear your take and some stories about poker dealers....
    Everyone dies......but not everyone lives.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viejo Dinosaur View Post
    Great stuff Drink....would love to hear your take and some stories about poker dealers....
    Funny stories about dealers.

    I had a woman who dealt my Tuesday and Thursday night games. Julia was mid 20s, 200 pounds on a light day and dressed like it was a blizzard no matter the weather. She wore uggs, a winter coat and 2 pairs of socks in july she was from alabama originally and as she put it one snow storm I wasn't dressed right, almost died.. ain't happening again.. She rode the bus and wore these huge stereo speaker headphones and she had a ipod loaded with death metal and classical music no in between. She played her music so loud you could hear it from 5 feet away, she has to be deaf by now. In other words she was not all there.

    She was the fastest dealer anyone had ever seen. She could get 30 hands out in a hour in a slow no limit game and go into hyper speed when it got late. She was banned from every casino she ever dealt at. She lost her gaming license for striking a man in the 5 seat.. meaning she reached across the table and hit him right in the face apparently nearly flipping the table to do so.

    She had rules when she dealt. No cussing, "when you see me at the poker table you envision your mama.. Im the only lady here you best know I ain't having it" no eating at the table, "they got tables in the back, they got nice chairs and all.. you touch them cards, then your mouth.. you don't know where my mouth been and I don't wanna find out where your been from soms doctor" and lastly but most importantly.. stay awake!!

    If Julia caught you sleeping she would deal you in and would throw her burn card right in the face of a sleeping man, he would be embarassed as everyone laughed and she said either get some coffee or go home but this isn't a shelter and I am not a nun! We would all erupt.

    One night a very solid poker player and son to a very famous poker player starts hitting on Julia. Ken was 6'7 about 350 and julia is about 5'1 225. Julia liked the attention, I don't think she ever had it before, Im not kidding. Right at the table Ken says, "Julia if I lose with aces tonight you have to show me those beautiful boobs."
    Julia replies, "I don't have time to wait for you to misplay aces Ken" and we all laugh hysterically.
    30 minutes later she comes back from break wearing just her blouse. I'm sitting at the next table in the 4 seat and I remember it like it happened 5 minutes ago. Julia says blinds please and if ya'll don't mind it's too damn hot in here for Kenny and myself and takes the blouse right off! Ken starts hollering and sayin, "that's what I'm talking about" without realizing no one else is enjoying the show. 2 guys even sheepishly cash out. She didn't really have the goods so to speak. She dealt for 30 minutes completely topless. Her and Kenny went home that night together and the next day I was asked to let her go.

    She was so used to being fired she called me the night after and said, Im fired right and I said yes. Im sorry. She said that's ok, I got me some

    At commerce in the 4/8 o8 game at like 3 AM there is a regular that plays every night, still there Im sure. He is a professor at USC and is Lithuanian and a complete dick to every dealer. He plays every single hand but somehow it's the dealers fault. He cusses, he screams at them, he mucks super hard into their chest.

    One night a dealer just couldn't take it anymore. Mid 40s vietnamese man making 10$ a hr in tips just couldn't take it anymore.
    Professor loses a hand and typical fashion he screams, fuck you! And then follows it with, "if I could take you outside.." right then dealer says. I go on break you muttatrucka in 2 minutes, 2 rucking minutes I be right there and points at the closest exit. You come, you come still pointing. He deals a hand just glaring at the professor who won't make eye contact anymore. It's silent as we play some marginal hand.
    Dealer sees he is about to get tapped out. He looks at whole table and says "anyone want to fight on behalf of dis piz of rash I be right there." He gets up hands over his box to the floorguy and walked right to the exit. He stood there for 30 minutes. Professor never moved. I tipped him more everytime I saw him, good for him!

    Commerce is the worst dealer abuse I have ever and will ever see. Saw a guy, ask a vietnamese girl if she knew what abola was.. she replied no and he said well I hope you get to find out soon. At hustler club saw a guy spit at a dealer.

    Good dealers are out there. A WHOLE LOT OF THEM. I have 3 dealers currently that I adore to have deal to me. They have no bearing on winning or losing. Never understood why people get mad at a dealer. It's retarded. It's the equivelent of chasing after the mailman everytime a unexpected bill comes just to tell him what a asshole he or she is for doing their job.
    I judge dealers by speed and attitude. A great dealer can make losers forget just that. Slow dealers remind them without realizing it.

    Bad dealers you just don't tip as much. I tip up to $3 per win but mostly just $1 and I always recieve a thanks. A bad dealer is normally just a guy who wants to get his shift over and makes a mistake dealing too fast. Slow dealers kill games without realizing it. I can tell you from experience that most dealers try to emulate what they stare at all day in other casinos and make for either terrific poker players themselves or the absolute worst degenerates society can handle. There really is no in between that I have found.

    I have one dealer in 17 years that I despise. She is passive aggresive and is a degenerate slot player. She hates everyone and her fake smile is usually only able to last half a down. She says things like, "ooh that's a toughee" or "wow nothing you could do there buddy" to people when they show a losing hand always in a snarky tone. She calls floor at least 3 times a night because she has spotted a mysterious infliction to the 3 of diamonds that the floor never sees.
    She is unionized and brags about vacations and personal time.

    She hates the bigger games. Bunch of rich guys who don't tip her enough was the sentence she used to describe us to a 1/2 table. 1 out of probably 1000 ain't bad Arturo.

    Have a good day fellas, Milk

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    Do u flat tip? Winning hand $ all in winner still $3?

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    I play limit theres no all ins for the most part. 1$ flat 90% of time, 2$ for anything above 1k, 3$ rare but occasionally. Tipped 800 on bbj.

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    There's some pretty horrible dealers at the Bike IMO and maybe worse than Commerce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheapseats View Post
    There's some pretty horrible dealers at the Bike IMO and maybe worse than Commerce.
    I would be horrible too if I ever got talked to the way they do on their first day on the job. The 40/80 is just as bad. I dont think anyone should put up with what they do.

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    Btw Cheapseats dealer abuse is a california strictly thing. Every wsop, every year someone will call a dealer a name and immidiatley everyone is taken back by it. He or she are always a cali player. You might hear grumbling but no one cusses and throws cards and tantrums at dealers outside of CA. Ive never seen anything like it and have never gotten used to it.
    I do love that the players ask for the most. Washes, setups, seat changes, tables changes more than anywhere else and treat the people accommodating these things worse than anywhere else. Nowhere else in the country allows more than 1 setup a hour and more than washes in a down.

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    Puggy pearson urinated on a dealer, he had to sit out for the day.

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    If trump sent an ice team to do a sweep, commerce would have no dealers left and they would be all sent back to china

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    Quote Originally Posted by railbird View Post
    Puggy pearson urinated on a dealer, he had to sit out for the day.
    Notorious stiff too.. all around good guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drnkyourmlkshk View Post
    I would be horrible too if I ever got talked to the way they do on their first day on the job. The 40/80 is just as bad. I dont think anyone should put up with what they do.
    True, I'd say the overall client base of Commerce is a tad above the Bike and that can account for alot of the issues that are common.

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    thank you for the detailed advice, much appreciated.

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    The Drive

    Losing is a essential part of what we as gamblers do. It happens often, really often. Sometimes losing happens for days, weeks and unfortunately months at a time. It consumes you and irritates, agitates and makes you miserable at times. We all know good losers in our circles, we all know someone who couldn't lose anymore and took the ultimate loss in our circles. It feels we all talk about wins more than losses, why?

    Winning feels good, it makes everything better. How many times in your gambling career have you bet a game you knew couldn't lose? I am talking about full clarity that everything you saw added up, no explanation of why the line was off, what were other people seeing and hell why were they blind to what I am seeing?!?! Those kind of games come around what once, maybe twice a year? Maybe more if you really know your stuff often but not me maybe a handful of times a year I cannot see any logical explanation of how this bet loses.

    As I often argue in my head.
    You bet 330 college football games a season and had 3 plays you knew couldn't lose? Why not just scrap the other 427 altogether? Go see the world and do some acid, go to Japan and see one of those street shows already?
    Well obviously I couldn't pin point the 3 if I was dropping liquid mushrooms in Peru and taking smoochee to London for the english bulldog dog-a-thon.

    I do often day dream about what if in year one what if the 4 degenerate poker players with a way too small of a bankroll had just lost like we were supposed to? Would I feel the way I do nowadays, would losses still exist and would I be affected by them? Running good in the beginning of a session is a blessing, none of us realize it. It is after all just another session, game, week, month, season, openers/closers etc.

    However as I get older the harder I work. Often times people will say the game is too hard or getting harder. I honestly wouldn't know. I was never privy to 4 point moves at one casino but not the other or a lack of injury news/coverage.
    Since week 1 I've really had to work hard but year 1 we were in way over our heads but we just didn't know it. We thought it was pretty normal to go 7-1 in week 3 and 3 of the wins to take place on last minute drives or OT.

    I did know I was onto something with Baylor. I knew I had something really special with this qb skinny Griffin Cory would call him. The other guys had their teams or whatever it is that they saw but I knew that these totals were off. It was the first time I knew I couldn't lose but of course I didn't take advantage then like I would now. Baylor totals were being hung in the low to mid 60s and I remember reading a covers article where people were saying this was crazy 65 on a total! Nowadays that same total opens 81 rightfully. As I get older, there isn't but one Baylor a season maybe in a good year 2 Baylors.
    These are teams that the totals are off for a entire season. The 12-0 overs of pitt, the 10-2 Purdues etc they dont really exist until it's too late.

    What I mean is too late. If you didn't start off with a thought process or a read that Purdue would go 9 consecutive overs by a wide margin it becomes very hard to start betting a team blindly over when the whole market is aware by week 10. There is some ego involved but more than anything you don't want to admit your numbers have been off, backtrack, start over from scratch with a new base line and put in that work... so you take the drive.

    If you have ever left a casino short of the money you started the exercise and day off with you know the drive. The drive is probably the most important part of my losing days. I mutter stuff, I interview myself in a condescending tone. So Ed, "you liked under in Maryland huh? Oh because you're a fucking idiot who put 4 hours into a game without realizing one team has no fucking defense, solid job buddy, just great!"

    I sometimes analyze where it all went wrong game by game and of course, without certainty I plot.. oh boy do I! Cris is going to call me and beg me to stop next week! Every pph agent is going to have to setup payment plans, I am never ever losing again... oh when I get home I am not even eating tonight! I will work openers until my arm falls off.. of course 45 minutes later I just got done stuffing my face and am exhausted from all the planning but you know what I am talking about.

    The poker drive is different for me. I know when I have played bad, miscalculated things and am more analytical, very little emotion. The lack of emotions comes from there will always be a game tomorrow but in a sport like college football where I wager up to 40k a week I have 17 weeks to get it right and make my entire annual income from.. the drive changes win or lose it is one that's pretty interesting if you really analyze it. I am very good friends with a wsop champion (stud8 and o8) and he said something so interesting.
    Why is it that only when I lose do I ever consider the fact that I may have a gambling problem? This man has made a million or so in the past few years in poker and dfs but something tell me this statement and thought process came from the Drive.

    Anyways coaches this week. Trading jobs and roles.

    Willie Taggert- USF
    ok let's make this very clear. Taggert is a genius and comes from the Harbaugh lineage. Played for Jack and coached under Jim. He invented a offensive system that is fast, fast and makes Art Briles blush. He then went out and recruited the fastest offensive players from Florida to run his system. He is smart, he is charismatic.. he is everything Oregon should have been the last 3 years. Taggert took a 0-12 team and in 2 yrs got them 10 wins back to back and 2 bowl wins. He is the best coach of the 17 class of availables. His one very clear flaw and he makes no qualms about it is pass defense.

    However he is intelligent, I did mention that correct? He went out and bought the best DC in cfb in Leavitt from Colorado, he paid Leavitt a SEC head coaches salary. Leavitt took the buffs from 124 to 7th in overall defense in 2 seasons. He knows p12 football more than anyone in the nation. In other words they are set on offense and defense. What could go wrong?!
    Expectations are too big in Eugene unfortunately. They haven't recruited well in 3 years and Brady Hoke was your DC last yr. It is going to take a yr or 2 before you get the athletes back that we were used to seeing at Oregon. Does Taggert have 2 years? Can he keep Leavitt at Oregon for 2 years? Leavitt is a candidate for the NFL HC jobs.
    Taggert can win games, hell he might win 9 in year 1 as good as he is. However is 9 good enough, will it ever be? You take over a Oregon you get a lot of money, a lot of praise but the pats on the back stop quickly.
    It is a A+ hire but maybe not a A+ take. Taggert out recruited the numbers of the past 3 seasons in just 4 weeks but I still don't see 5 stars, I don't see Cali, west coast names.. I see florida and I see a lot of trouble if that continues.

    Charlie Strong
    All head coaches who are fired need a resting period, its like a break up. Don't marry your rebound! Strong is a bad hire. It's not at all that Strong is a bad coach, it's not that he just got fired from his dream job while kids publicly cried. Its not any of that.
    Charlie Strong is a defensive wizard. People often forget that Chuck has won 3 national championships as a DC and half the NFL was trained by him for the combine in the early 2000s. He is smashmouth, in your face football! He is old school on the sideline daring kids to look tired, big motor coach.
    In other words.. he is everything Willie Taggert is not. Taggert won 10 games outscoring with swag, loudly embarassing the entire nation.

    Strong will kick someone off of this Bulls team for things Taggert encouraged. Dancing, acting goofy, trick plays, onside kicks up 3 tds. New school meet old school.
    Usf can win 8 games in their sleep next yr IF Strong let's USF be itself which is Miami kids being Miami kids and loving the game. My money is he can't, won't let that take place. He cares too much and sees his struggle as example and there's not alot of fun in his story. He wants to teach lessons more than anything including winning. He is the college football teacher, disciplinarian and parent who happens to coach.

    Still a wait and see but if I see them abondon the spread in game 1, play 1 my money will be on the other side from there out.

    Thanks, Milk

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    I'm going to read + digest everything u say. But 2 very good topics that I see:

    1) The drive. (Not John Elway's Drive). Most people (the lay person, the common-man) have no idea. You don't just print out $$. Any earning potential is tied to the process. U have to push the steel (not Steele), u have to do the work.

    2) "Rating" your plays. Of course, some plays are going to grade out as "strong", some are going to grade out as "marginal." It's important to create a portfolio where your bet-sizes are relative to your edge.

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    This is partly why Willie Taggert was hired,

    taggert has already have 2 assitants go haywire, its lot easier to win shootouts in the American conference than Pac 12, especially when Taggert is notorious for his team having lackluster defenses. He has Peterson and Leach in NW which Kelly didnt have to deal with. Texas pay for play connection gone, USC off probation now for elite Socal recruits.

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    I don't mind any of your logic Rail when it comes to Taggert. However tell me who's a better fit? Taggert could have taken any job he wanted. I think he was a perfect fit for Baylor personally and while not as qualified as Rhule at least has experience as a head recruiter working that area.
    Fleck was never a option he wanted to stay in the midwest close to his kids.
    Also don't think Fleck as great as the media wants him to be. I could very much be wrong but Fleck never did anything out of the box.
    If you can get Taggert and Leavitt there really isnt a better combo in cfb for what they want to do. I just dont think they can get back to a championship level in the timetable Phil Knight and Eugene expects for that kind of money. I also agree that the p12 is super difficult I think theyre looking at a 9 win cieling for at least 2 seasons. I think the hire is setup for someone to do just good enough for them to find the NEXT BIG name in 2, 3 years.

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    You should do something else

    In 2010, 2011 I got to know a man that would become a father figure to me. Let's call him Nick. If you have hung out with me here in the city you know who I'm referring to. THE OLD GUY is what my friends call him. Everyone who is older calls him sir or captain.

    It was right after my first winning football season and Nick was one of the men who took our action. I had worked for him as manager of the social clubs he owned and for whatever reason we became very close. For a entire NBA/CBB season we met for lunch every Monday and Tuesday for lunch and coincidently it was always the drop spot for those that lost for the week.

    Nick is 83 years old. I know his birthdate by heart because he asked me to help him set up a email account after he purchased his first computer of his life. Every single screenname for poker sites, email, etc etc was his birthdate Id explain how he could be Nicky1 or bigNick he'd reply I fought for this country and went to prison in this country, Im a survivor.

    He is not old mentally or perhaps physically. Everyday he swims for 1 hr at the Y. No exceptions football Sundays you better call before 1130 am he swims from 12-1. He walks his 2 yorkies every afternoon from 3-4 around his neighborhood. He watches movies while games are going on. He sweats nothing. He tells life lessons without realizing so constantly and he is a dinosaur.

    He doesn't use cell phones. He has a family friend bring in a laptop and he doesn't pay for a line service. You would think sharps are just pounding him because he is behind moves. Nope. He has had the same 30 or so guys sharp as marbles for 20 years. He plays poker any night he doesn't have to be home. Usually fri and Sunday and picks up 1 or 2 guys a year. He spots fish like a angler. He does not beat poker anymore but he always says Im just giving these jerkoffs their lawyer fees.. theives!

    I became close to Nick because after the bowl season in 2010 he called me and asked to sit down with him and discuss what I was doing. I was alarmed, nervous even. He didn't want to talk about it on the phone. I had won very little money from him personally maybe 5 dimes. It couldn't be the money.

    I sat at the greek cafe waiting for the unexpected just knowing that he wasn't happy with me. He sits down at a table and the table becomes very small hes 6'5 300 pounds played cfb and served as a marine but got very muscular in jail which he likes to talk about often. It's unsettling and I think he likes that a little.

    He told me I was being foolish straight out the gate. Dumb, ignorant, foolish for around 15 minutes he just laid into me. I kept waiting for a waiter, waitress something to distract him. He ate at the same 5 places every week, everyday of the week and tipped the staff and instructed them never to come to the table unless he signaled them over. I was too smart, I was being naive. He wanted me to sit there silently for 2 hours and he called the waitress over, ordered for the both of us.
    He said, "just watch for these next few hours" I tried to make up a excuse and he wouldn't hear of it.

    Little by little the diner became small as my octupus and salad became cold. One by one men would come in and hand him a envelope he'd call over the waitress and insist they take something home, carry out. This went on for a eternity it felt like.

    Nick would pick a topic for the day and it was always so ridiculous. Hey Mack you hear about this pizza hut?! Theyre putting the cheese in the crust! Im telling you Mack this is going to be big. Mack just wants to leave but instead he would laugh and agree that is a good idea.
    Hey Kevin you hear about this pitcher for the rockies hurt his arm hunting.. guess bambi had enough huh? Ridiculous.

    So a couple hours of watching these sherades he looks at me and can tell Im miserably bored. He says there was a Dr, a lawyer, a CEO of a dog food company, 2 not one but 2 people who made millions in copywriting. Eddie you got no education, no job, you sleep until noon. You play poker until 4 am and yeah you win but then you do the unthinkable and you start to call me about games!
    You think these men dont want to win?! Every guy I see every week spends more time thinking about the pointspreads on sunday than they do delivering babies, judges they have to see, papers they have to sign, their kids braces, their wives needs. Everyone of them.
    Every week you come sit here and watch...

    So that's exactly what I did. I sat there and took mental notes. Nick let me look over the losers figures and notes to how they got to this point in case their was a error. These guys might have been rogue scholars but they were clueless. Some taking 4 points the worst of it if they'd bet earlier in just the day!

    Nick never took my action after that first day and while he always bitched and moaned about me showing up he loved it. He loves poker, his dogs and movies in that order. He would ask me who played, who lost, what hands got cracked.. he became just a poker player last month after 30 years. He handed his list off to someone for a fee and he sits in the 2 seat of the big game playing far too tight and observing big pots and occasionally winning one from the theives.

    He made me make a checklist and I found it a few months ago. You know you're a mark (spot, fish etc) if you are betting sports and you have the following traits. He has never to this day no matter how much I win, how many books he gave (got me) that have cut me off, no matter if I can tell him the line just from rotation number from staring at a screen all day.. told me anything but go back to school, get a job, get a wife and live a life type of stuff. Over the years his voice became weaker and softer which somehow makes the message more impactful somehow.

    Anyways his list is outdated but some is still relevant.
    If you have one bookie youre d.o.a.
    If you cant name the most pivitol player on both teams d.o.a.
    If you bet one hour before game time strictly
    If you bet nfl only
    if you only bet college hoops during march madness
    If you bet action points (idk if those are still around)
    If you bet the NBA and lay points more than 50% of the time (no clue dont bet NBA)
    If you bet 3 team or more parlays
    If you win one week and the next it is all the same teams
    If you bet baseball but only runlines
    You ignore circled games.

    Thats about all of the ones that are still relevant. Pretty sure people just look online for injuries, weather etc.

    Coach's this week.

    Matt Rhule- Baylor
    The most qualified coach took a terrible job. Matt Rhule is easily the most qualified job. His dream job is penn st. His alma mater. That job is tied up by a extremely capable James Franklin so he took the money. Rhule is grade A resumee gold. Small school background coaching OL and Wr's in the beginninh before studying DL at Temple under Addazio and then working his way up to DC.. this is important! Read it over.. he knows both sides of the ball inside and out. He went to the ny giants for 2 years and was the OL coach for a super bowl team under Coughlin before taking a pay cut and going to a lifeless Temple program where im 4 years he transformed a 1 win team to AAC champions and a 11 win season all without recruits, a good qb.

    Here's where Rhule has lost me though. Texas football is the boys club. He has no ties to Texas. He did recruit well for a program in trouble but the buck ia probably going to stop there. Baylor fans, alumn and boosters didn't just like Art Briles he was jesus in Waco. They want fast, read option 70 point a game shootouts.. they live for the shootouts. They want Cory coleman, Linwoods, they want 7 seconds to the line snap the ball. They want Briles and if they wanted slow, conservative, play on the line defense they'd be TCU fans. Rhule is so opposite everything Baylor has been that if he tried to Keep any ideology of Briles he would die.
    I think he is the best coach money can buy. They lost 6 straight b12 games to end 16. This leash is tight and the first time Rhule loses scoring just 14 points the hot seat will be falsely alarmed at first... maybe not so false if it happens for a season. If he can win with defense and do so convincingly he will still be a outsider. Texas gets much better this yr (17 returning starters all 4*s) tcu gets better (16 returning starters and Hill qb sr) and that leaves Texas Tech. You dont beat Texas teams if history repeats itself.. they'll be screaming for Briles again this time next year. If he does win they still might be..

    Bill Clark - UAB
    2nd yearish coach but any new FBS coach I will get to by August 20th I hope.

    UAB lost its football team in 2014. They closed shop in a controversial move. I dont want to get political but the polls were wrong! They received bad numbers from a private firm stating the athletic dept was bankrupt and losing 13m a year when that wasn't the case.
    They have a new practice facility and locker rooms. Bill Clark is a saint basically. He went out without salary and held fundraisers, begged for grants and low and behold recruited not able to promise a field to practice on or a team to play against.
    Clark isnt a college football coach he is a high school legend. In his one yr coaching at the college level he went 6-6 with 2 win talent. He is friends with Malzahn down the road and loathed by Saban down the closer road.
    This year is a experiment of sorts. Can 16 jucos win? Can wku, illinois, Missouri transfers with no experience gel and win games?
    He plays a fast tempo offense we know that much around 22 p.o.p and we know theyll be aggressive on D and have the biggest DT in Cusa at 6'8 375 juco talent. This isnt going to translate to wins in yr 1 but it might in years ahead. Ive never seen a team with no experience before except Texas st last year and ULM the yr prior. This is a startup but this is also my favorite coach for 2017. I imagine a man like Clark was told to do something else with his time alot in these past 3 years. Go a different route, you're not as smart as this guy, this guy and that guy. Sound familiar?

    Im at commerce the beginning of next week every night if anyone wants to grab a bite.
    Thanks, MILK

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    Default Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

    Always an enjoyable read....thanks Eddie....
    Everyone dies......but not everyone lives.....

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    Good luck at Commerce. Hope u clean up.

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    Find your passion

    Alot comes to light when you spend time with family. It seems the more I spend with my father the less I know or was privy to knowing. My dad isn't ordinary in a fatherly sense. He never went to my little league games, we never discussed the birds and bees. We did drink 40 ozs of malt liquor and roll a joint when I was in my late teens occasionally. We had music and books to discuss not much else.

    My mom is so far opposite of my father that I sometimes believe that aliens must have somehow morphed into her soul for a year and somehow I became one with a universe she isn't completely sure happened.

    My mother speaks of my father in stutters.. my father speaks of my mother in tones of adoration and love. My father wanted to be a husband, a working man and a dad but he couldn't... he loved the nightlife. The blues and jazz clubs, the sounds of last call, the last song of the night that he could play one eyed shut hand to harp, harp to lips.

    He grew tired and broke and broke and tired long after most would have predicted a college educated man with a mother and father whom he called monthly to tell of his false triumphs and son who he tracked down for a small loan here and there. He was 47 years old with warrants in Idaho and Colorado for forgery and a list of friends turned enemies. He had swapped the bottle for a pipe or lightbulb and he had run out of options.

    Living in a van with a friend they pulled into the driveway of the California home he left 30 years prior only to not be welcomed with open arms. There was concern and rules for even visits to his mother, sisters, nephews and nieces.

    I was 22 years old living on 8th and logan 6 months after my pool cue, a tv and leather jacket sat in a pawn store when I recieved the call. My sweet grandmother who called whenever she saw it was snowing to make sure I was safe. She called at 10 pm! Her voice frantic and not at all the normal tone. She said, "your father is in surgery" and I had so many thoughts but mostly concern for my grandparents right then. They had been through so much and to have this happen, a heart attack right in their kitchen.

    They demanded I dont come out and spend money I didn't have. They called every 3 hours and after a quadruple bypass, a stint put in place brought on by years of drug abuse, alchohol abuse, cigarettes and hard living had finally done what I always feared for the man who claimed he loved me.

    6 months later phone calls would come every tuesday at 3 pm. They began innocent enough. What was the weather, whats the new dogs name.. smoochee! What kind of man names a dog that! Hows poker? Are you good? You won how much? Maybe one more question a week. Always reserved, always brief.
    Then one day that person said I have a job and I have a chip. My dad in the 23 years of my life had never had a job, he may have ran some phone scam but this was a 9-5 job working at a boat factory.

    It took a while for me to grasp things. He would say I quit smoking 3 weeks ago, Im on the patch. Id think we will see how long that lasts. Next week he would say I got to get to a meeting.. I would think whatever floats your boat pops.
    Then came taking my mom to church. We have been reading the bible... yeah ok.

    It was around 10 months after his heart attack when he was cooking breakfast for his mom and dad when his father had a heart attack. He rushed him to the very near hospital and while in a hospital bed. My grandfather said, I forgive you.

    My grandmother and father spent everyday together for the next 3 years until she also passed. My father became the best man he could in quick time.
    He spent many days at a cemetary, at a church, in a meeting hall, in rehabs just trying to get it right.

    Around 10 years ago he called me and the usual questions arose. How much am I up or down for the week? Have you decided when you are coming out to commerce etc. What am I listening to? Then very quickly he said, Im going back to school. He was 58 years old and he was going to walk to school every day.
    He had to get a degree to give back the way he decided he was ready to.

    My father graduated age 61 alchohol and drug rehab specialist cs-f.
    He has run the hardest drug and alchohol detox center in anaheim for 10 years. Many hours and I imagine some weeks completely free of charge.

    He explains this week my shift starts at 4 so I go to starbucks (they give him a free cup or two hes treated half the city mind you) at 2. I get to my office at 215 and I have so many cases they can only pay me for 8 hours, I cant get to everybody in just 8 hours. I take everyone to the 10 pm meeting, then we do group at midnight.. they go to bed and I got to log everything. This job pays less than a fast food manager makes.

    He talks about abnormal things in a very normal tone. So my Coworker Jose and I have to tackle this guy who's trying to run into the highway because he can't take the withdrawls a second longer. We are at church and a guy escapes the group and we find him across the street drinking the hand sanitizer. He never flinches, never shies away from his past. You see that hotel on venice beach? Jim and I shot dope for 3 days before anyone realized we were living there!

    He prays alot. Not normal once a day. He has a list. He meets you and thinks you need praying for he writes it down and everyday he calls it nap time.. its prayer time, meditation time. Every night when he gets home the same. There's alot of crosses.

    I resented it. He was not religious. He feels saved and was put here for a reason, survived stabbings, meth, crack, heroin and hep c. I felt jealous at first. Not so much anymore He loves jesus but when someone says they pray for 200 people a day but you are number 1.. well gosh darnit dad.

    He picks me up from commerce and said are all those chips yours? I say they better be and grab racks. He walks with the racks to the cage like its a heist.. just a little faster than normal he calls every sunday during football season to see how Saturday went. He knows I pay or get paid mondays he calls every Tuesday.

    This past week on a very long drive where he explained how he never believed he would live this long and how scary but exciting it is. He is getting married june 10th, Im the best man.
    I asked him why he never worried about my gambling? He stated thats your passion. I'd never interfere with your passion. You would never interfere with mine.
    He said plus you're my hero at work when we turn on the games.
    My father is my hero regardless of the games, red or black ink.
    Weighed heavy on my mind since I have been home today. Almost 18 years now my father has been living his fantasy life, his passion. There's no money, there's no glamour or praise just heartbreak and happiness. How many people can say that?

    Take care and thanks for the space, Eddie
    Ill do 2 coaches on Saturday

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    Default Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

    From the heart milk, very moving in a lot of ways.

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    Great one, milk. Your dad is richer than most (all?) of us, despite his smallish "wages".

    I'd like to read his life story for real

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    Fau- Lane Kiffin
    Obviously a hire made to grab attention, steal headlines and show the world we are a serious athletic program.

    Let's start by saying Kiffin imo has paid his dues for this opportunity. You dont go to 4 consecutive national championships and win 2 of those titles without getting your due that is not the way this works. Every other Saban assistant got a better job long before they looked at Kiffin.

    Let me be clear about both guys today. They aren't likeable characters. They are not role models of how you would want your child to coach a team or lead a program. They've left storied programs in shambles and both are being given one last chance so to speak.
    Kiffin is good at 2 things and basically 2 things 2 only. Recruiting (yes he just smashed FAUs previous recruiting classes in 6 weeks time instead of the alotted 10 most need same as he did at Tenn 1st yr) and offense. He has killed defenses and been inept at st's at both stops ranking in the 70's with top 25 talent.

    His hire as OC is so straight forward I'm going to tell the opposition what we are going to do that Im a lot dumbfounded. Kenneth Briles is Arts son from Baylor.
    Here is where it gets weird for me. FAU scored 60 points their last game of the year were top 35 in the nation in points. They were really fast on offense 19.7 p.o.p last 3 games of season.

    They have 17 return starters thats 3rd most in fbs and actually get 2 starters back from 16' so lets call them what they are A Experienced juggernaut that was going to be extremely decent no matter what. 8 of those return starters will be on D. They have 2 solid qbs and a weapon at RB.

    I had FAU at 8 wins this season. I actually have dropped that number not with the hire of Kiffin but the hire of Briles. It's clear to me the plan is to score 50 a game and beat teams in shootouts... there you go rdalert.

    When you have this much defensive experience and possibly raw talent but choose to go at warp speed I think the goal goes from lets win alot of games and go to a major bowl to LOOK AT US this is b12 entertainment! This would actually work if FAU wasnt in same division as S. Miss, MtSU, la tech, ODU and WKU who have the same gameplan and experience in winning these type of games.

    People over estimate the value of return starters. If there is no experience in winning you normally get a lot of close losses or a coach who starts looking for his own talent in future years. Return starters who have had a lot of close calls with greatness is a completely different story.

    Kiffin wasnt hired to win, fau will be a headline grabbing school with him on the sidelines. It's a spring board job for him. They both win in the publicity standpoint.. im not sold that allows them to win the games I thought they would with just a solid coach.

    Butch Davis
    Butch was fired from his last 2 stops because of recruiting allegations and of course the UNC academic controversy. What is really sad is Butch was hired for his recruiting prowess. No I'm not kidding. FIU is the most experienced team of all 130 this season they will win 6 games and make a bowl for the 1st time in their fbs history. They have 19 return starters and probably win at least 6 last year if they didnt lose their qb and entire DL to injury in 16'.

    They also want some headlines. They failed to recruit Miami kids while Miami refused to take Miami kids (which of course got Al golden fired rightfully) and thats where the 66 year old Davis comes in.

    If you aren't going to win in the c-usa at least be competitive and have people who live in florida who breathe football from age 5 and up come to your games, know you exist! Fiu has no excuse not to be a non p5 powerhouse. They are right outside Miami! They get trounced every year by kids from Middlesboro and bowling green, KY. They lose by 50 in conference. Davis is too conservative for c-usa (Yeah I said it) he is boring. He has a great defense here and he has a sr qb who is your classic under achiever.

    There are wins on this schedule. Davis hasnt coached in 6 seasons I dont believe (on the bike) and wasnt brought in to become the next Zolich or Snyder coaching into their 80s.
    Davis knows miami. The high school coaches and the U alumn trust him. Unlike Fau the headlines won't be coach related after the season begins as much. Davis has won already. Fiu got 16 too 500 recruits per 365.. 13 more than ever before and TY Hilton types from miami central took notice as FIU signed their 1st 4 star in a LB.

    I dont care for this hire though. Its designed for the future which is awesome for the program... not great for the present. You have 19 starters who love to play and play to win. I'd loved to see them hire someone we know can coach still, we know thats their main focus is winning this year and now.

    Fiu and Fau were going to be vastly improved this season no matter what.
    These feel hires feel cheap and lack long term substance. If Kiffin is offered less money but a chance to coach any power 5 program the program will take a step back in coming years. I don't think thats a if but when. Davis is a solid hire until you realize that he has poisoned two programs in his last 2 tries. He will field any and all calls about jobs and signed a contract he too prays he will never be around to see the extension offer.

    Quality of play is always discussed. Is it getting worst? With hires like this.. how could it not? Rosen of UCLA I just read will take on his 4th OC and with that 3rd new offensive system in 3 years. I have always thought he was fraudulent.. with reading what I just stated how would we possibly know what he is capable of?
    He has to relearn football every spring it seems.

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    Kiffin went from NFL HC (Raiders) to HC of a SEC team (Tennessee) then to HC of a Pac 12 team (USC) to OFC of SEC team (Alabama) and finally lands HC position at a small non power 5 conference team (FAU).

    Kiffin has somehow done what most coaches dream of but reverse order. Very strange.
    Clowns make me laugh! :+textinb3


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