Saturday British Boxing Odds and More - Brace yourselves for this weekend's episode of the Eubank family. In the ring, Chris Eubank Jr faces Renold Quinlan for a minor "world title" and outside the ring, Chris Eubank Sr is there to tell you his son is the best fighter in the world.

When you look at Chris Eubank Sr's boxing career and realize the man is bona-fide boxing royalty in the U.K. you have a tendency to want to give him credibility. It is hard to say if Eubank Sr now lives vicariously through his son*or not but it is clear he has a hand in everything the younger version does. To date it is not clear if he has held his son back or helped him to advance his career but the pair are considered hard to deal with already in many British boxing circles.

The under card sees one-time heavyweight prospect David Price return to take on Christian Hammer. Price won an Olympic bronze medal once upon a time but he has suffered three brutal KOs as a professional and he should perhaps be looking for another line of work. Neertheless a win for PRice will see him try to talk his way into a world title fight in what is a crowded heavyweight scene on the British Isles.

Saturday British Boxing Odds and More
Below are the rest of the odds popping up at the sports books for Saturday, February 4th.


Sat 2/4 - The Olympian - London, England
Super Middleweight 12 rounds -
Renold Quinlan +4000 o7½ +145
Chris Eubank Jr -12500 u7½ -185

Heavyweight -
Christian Hammer +220
David Price -280

Super Middleweight 12 rounds -
Adam Etches +150
John Ryder -180

Emperors Palace - Gauteng, South Africa
Light Heavyweight 10 rounds -
Enrico Koelling +175
Ryno Leibenberg -210

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