MLB 2017 Preview Chicago Cubs - It feels strange to write this. The Chicago Cubs enter the 2017 season having gone 103-59 in the regular season last year and having won the world series. Yes, the Chicago Cubs are the defending champions.

The Cubs have been contenders for a couple of years now and last year they historically broke through and won it all. Pitcher Travis Wood, outfielder Dexter Fowler and a few other players are not back from last year's team but the Cubs retained a lot of talent and thy will enter the season as the favorites to win it all.

The Cubs do enter spring training with a log jam of talent and they will have March to put together a rotation in the outfield. The bottom line is that they have a lot of talent there and they may be looking at a platoon situation in centerfield. Cubs management also did a good job of bringing in new talent for the bullpen, but that depth chart still as to sort itself out as well.

MLB 2017 Preview Chicago Cubs
One question will be what kind of season third baseman Kris Bryant has. The 25 year old is the reigning NL MVP and as he enters his third year he will be looked upon to lead te Cubs. Shaving down on his 150 plus strike outs could make Bryant even more dangerous.

Beyond 107 the Cubs will probably have to deal with the usual attrition to the championship roster. Building a long lasting dynasty might be high hopes for a previously win-starved franchise but the pieces are in place for a repeat in 2017. With Spring Training under way, the sports books have locked the Cubs as the early favorites to win it all.

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