MLB 2017 Preview Chicago White Sox - The 2016 edition of the Chicago White Sox went 78-84 overall to finish 4th in the American League's Central Division. More so than the indignity of not making the playoffs, they had to watch the historic run to the world series by the cross town rival Chicago Cubs.

Robin Ventura will no longer be at the helm as manager as he was fired and replaced by Rick Renteria. The front office had been working on a re-build for the last two years in lukewarm fashion but that all ended this off-season as the Sox shipped starter Chris Sale to the Red Sox. The White Sox also shipped Adam Eaton to the Nationals and they scored a number of blue chip prospects in the return. The best of the bunch may be second baseman Yoan Moncada, who will likely start the year off in Triple A. Moncada has gotten hot in spring training after a bad start.

First baseman Jose Abreau and Third baseman Todd Frazier are big bats for the Sox but they could be traded for more young assets. Frazier has been hurt this spring training and he wont bring back the prospects like other assets but like other veterans on the roster, Frazier may find his time in Chicago short.

MLB 2017 Preview Chicago White Sox
The pitching corps still has Jose Quintana but he is likely going to be shipped out at some point in the season to make room for young arms Lucas Giolito, Michael Kopech and Reynaldo Lopez. All three came over in the haul for Sale and Eaton but all have already been shipped to Triple A to start the season after rocky spring season showings.

The White Sox will likely regress and win less games than last year's 78 but with a youth movement and a lot of talent in the farm system the team is going to be exciting and in a few years, who knows these flowers they have may bloom into something.

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