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    Default Cleveland Shooting Hoax...

    Just watched the video...fake blood. All BS. Even I fell for this one, but at least I corrected things with some research.

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    Sharp thread, Johnny. What are your thoughts on Sandy Hook?

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    While this shooting was authentic,it served as a distraction from other events happening in the world,which get hidden in plain sight due to lack of attention paid to them.
    Another example is that just after the M.O.A.B ["Mother of all Bombs"] was dropped on a target in Afghanistan,something else happened:

    Despite receiving an invitation, the Trump administration did not attend Friday's[4/14/2017] meeting in the Russian capital aimed at facilitating peace talks between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

    The meeting came just after the US bombed targets in Afghanistan.

    According to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday, senior diplomats from Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Pakistan and ex-Soviet Central Asian nations who took part in Friday's talks had supported the Afghan government's peace efforts. They urged the Taliban to stop fighting and engage in a direct dialogue with the government.


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