Canelo Beats Chavez Jr In A Snoozer - HBO's latest PPV is in the books and unfortunately for those who shelled out the cash to watch at home, the promised "Mexico vs Mexico" war between Saul "Canelo" Alvarez*and Julio Cesar Chavez did not materialize. Instead we were treated to a one sided sparring contest where Alvarez, who won every minute of every round in the fight, decided to never take it out of first gear.

The fight was at a catch weight of 164.5 pounds and frankly, Chavez Jr appeared drained. From te opening bell he didn't appear to have any speed or power and when he realized he was outgunned, he clammed up and just stopped punching. Alvarez never really applied the pressure or looked to finish the fight, rather he seemed content to just book rounds against a flat opponent. Chavez Jr face was marked up and puffy after the fight but not once in the fight was he ever hurt or in danger of going out.

At the end of the day Alvarez has given the U.S. public a third PPV in a row that really does not live up to expectations.

Canelo Beats Chavez Jr In A Snoozer
Next up for Alvarez is a September 16th date with middleweight world champion Gennady Golovkin. Triple G watched the fight and his match-up with Alvarez was announced in the post-fight hullabaloo this past Saturday. Alvarez has appeared to be ducking Golovkin for the past several years, electing to take fights at catch weights and avoiding opponents where he was not a heavy favorite heading into the fight. By taking the fight now Alvarez is avoiding what would almost certainly be major backlash after last night's blatant money grab.

Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya will adamantly stick to the company line that Alvarez is the "A' side of his fights in terms of negotiating power but it is clear he needed Chavez Jr's name value to sell this last fight and Triple G will make the next fight intersting, not "Canelo."

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