Mayweather Jr vs McGregor On Again, Off Again - Ah, the ebbs and flows of putting on a big fight / side show. You really have to ask yourself who the "A" side of this one is going to be at the end.

With a proposed June date already not working out, the latest date for the proposed Floyd Mayweather Jr versus Conor McGregor shenanigans was slated as September 16th but HBO Boxing announced their major Gennady Golovkin versus Saul "Canelo" Alvarez bout for that date.

That means the fight is going to be pushed back to the November or even early 2018 time frame, if it happens.

Mayweather Jr vs McGregor On Again, Off Again
But you have to ask yourself who is calling the shots here? Mayweather will tell you it is him in no uncertain terms but I'm not so sure. Look at Mayweather's last 10 fights. Five have come in May, five have come in September.

The September date was Floyd's date and it fell through. In Vegas. Maybe Mayweather's top shelf status is slipping.

Meanwhile, McGregor had a baby and he has been publicly stating he wants to fight late in the year or even next year. He just had a baby with his long time GF and he is happy. September falling through suits him fine. And if Floyd Mayweather Jr calculates that Alvarez will lose to Canelo in their September fight that means the Mexican star will be coming off a loss and the "Cinco de Mayo" weekend that used to be Floyd's will be there ripe for the taking. Even that suits McGregor just fine because come May of 2018 Floyd Joy will be 41 years old.

Maybe McGregor is the puppet master he claims to be?

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