Liverpool vs Sevilla Champions League opener group play at Liverpool

Will Coutinho start for Liverpool?

Everybody and their mother pretty much knew he was faking his injury for the Barcelona women which eventually never came to fruition but has Liverpool manager Klopp forgiven him or hold it against him? I go with forgiven because its champions league time. Important times in soccer.

They met in the Europa league final few years back which Sevilla won 3-1. Many story lines so little time left

Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers

How much will start time effect things?

Cleveland has won 20 straight and play an early one today. Odds on favorite to make it 21 today but one has to wonder about whether or not the early start time will effect things just a little especially from yesterdays emotional win.

One thing to take notice is young stud pitcher Buck Farmer for Detroit. Less than 2 weeks ago he got shelled by who? Yes, you already know, Cleveland.

Giants vs Dodgers

Can the Dodgers win a game without Kershaw on the mound?

Kershaw finally helped the Dodgers snap their 11 game losing streak and they clinched a playoff berth in the process but apparently nobody on LA knew about it or really seemed to care which kind of shows how much of a funk they really were in.

They have not won a game with somebody not named Kershaw since August 25th.

Yu Darvish anybody?