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    Default And so they begin...

    A lot of reading there for some of you here. But pretty much exactly what I said days ago and now the 'legit' people are coming out with their opinions and speculations. All of them negative.

    End of the day they dont know anymore than anyone else but all of them lining up and bashing the new coin matters. And all those within the past 12 hours.

    One of those also touches on how I said they would crash the price before the fork comes around. That reason gives that whole window of the closed markets and inability to move anything for a certain amount of time a very sinister tone. If the reason I think it happens happens it wouldnt be a shock to see BTC back to under 5K before people can even access their coins. Thats why its very very very dangerous to hold these things and over pay for them because youre going to get 'free' coins. Because truth be known, and I suspect the expert will claim its untrue, there is no guarantee the fork will go through. Its simply highly likely due to the factors, and the factor I allude to previously is what could happen and send everything into a complete tailspin. One single solitary issue to in the very least put the fork on an extended hiatus and full blown stop it altogether.

    I know no one here is holding any serious amounts of coins but I would be watching things very closely. I sold 12 more yesterday and am now only sitting on 6 and change. Depending on what I see the next couple hours and then the next couple days I will decide what to do. I may eject fully. The way I look at it coins have to get below 6K for me to lose out if the 'free' ones hold any sort of value. Which is another irony, because B2X is supposed to be a REPLACEMENT for BTC so people buying BTC to get the free coins are betting against themselves, thats why I say so many people dont have a clue they get caught up and lose their asses, and as I said what I alluded has a possibility of happening and if it does its going to bury anyone who just got in the past week or so.

    Right now if you havent ejected it might be too late. Unless youre in for under 6200 or so. But it might come back overnight but if the west drives it down too far the overnights arent going to get it back to a decent number.

    As it stands I do think they get to the number I said last week. 5100. That seems like the number to me. That tells me I should have sold out completely yesterday. Because 5100 is obviously less than 6k, but at 5100 a couple other factors kick in that make the losses on the BTC worth it (if they go through) due to the B2X prices. Its a thresh hold number. 5400 could do it. Just like I said 7500 to 7800 they hit almost exactly in the middle of those two numbers at their peak at 7651 and change before the profit taking started.

    I will give you another freebie, if they drop below 6913 within the next 4-6 hours then the freefall will be on. And yes that is a very specific number but I have a specific reason for using it.

    But right now there are guys sitting there stealth dumping coins, they just had it drop way too fast there a second ago but I suspect once they get rid of those the propping up will cease. Thats why I said you have to watch for the next 4-6 hours. If they keep it artificially propped that long they might invite others to help them, if no then they wont care and they will WANT it to drop because they will be looking to get back in at a bottom basement price.

    The irony to all this is the B2X futures are also free falling.

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    Well they stayed just above that thresh hold number yesterday they bottomed out at 6948 and change. And the over nights did help get them back up to something people could deal with in terms of getting out. But there was some major selling again about an hour ago. All currencies actually. I missed the LTC hyper move a couple hours ago but I finally sold a bunch I had had sitting on there for 5 day at 58.86 (A number I set that day but they never got to, better late than never I guess)

    But I suspect today is the day maybe tomorrow. I dont expect a complete freefall since it didnt happen yesterday but the 'step ladder' type where they drop 600-800 a day for a couple days eventually settling in at a number that people feel comfortable buying back into. There are still enough people in there with cheaper coins and buy orders for more to help it out some but those will get eaten fast if there is a self off by a mid major holder or some news (fake or otherwise comes out). I would scan every few hours now since this is the time they usually drop something to make a major dust up. A couple new ones from yesterday

    some will say thats why the small sell off.

    one trying to explain it another way

    the one why you WONT see what they say because of who said it. But always funny watching the globalist scum say something that looks inevitable. Pretty sure when that was released the price was 7600 and on a rocket up, when they released it the price has dropped almost 10%. I am hoping the people involved in this are smart enough to realize that is GS ever got into it publicly) I am sure they plenty privately they have a vested personal interest in it. But obviously you ride their wave and hope to get out before they do. That company is one of the reasons why BTC were invented in the first place. But like I said the reasons now are moot everyone involved now are just greedy losers trying to get rich quick and turn their BTC into something that BTC was supposed to replace. Thats why its always ironic when people write stories about how BTC is looking to be seen as legit. How can it when they keep fabricating new forks every other week now and trying to 'improve' on it or when its prices go up and down 50-60% every 6 weeks?

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    Be careful wanti. Most of the whales are just reinvesting profits. They have nothing to lose. They can do whatever they want. That’s what I would exactly do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IWishIWasAPro View Post
    Be careful wanti. Most of the whales are just reinvesting profits. They have nothing to lose. They can do whatever they want. That’s what I would exactly do.
    thats all I have been doing. I wasnt even trading these things a couple years ago. I bought a bunch for 175-230 to bet sports with. I built those up and never really cashed out. They were also never nearly as volatile as they are now. SO the money on day trading wasnt there. With BTC it still isnt really because the price is so prohibitive. You CAN make 400-500 now but you need to risk 30-40K to do it. Similar to scalping baseball I guess but the risks with these things especially now isnt worth it. Thats why I do litecoins (LTC) even more volatile and the price per coin is easier to handle and you can get more orders in for more varied prices and pretty much guarantee you wont lose money.

    Other than the account I opened in my wifes name I havent put any cash into the system in over 4 years. And I only did that to establish that account before I moved coins and cash into it from within the system. But that was also before (ironically) they loosened the restrictions on some of the real world banking issues. It was luckily or predicatively the time right before the prices hit those massive lows in July. So it was a perfect storm. Just about everything I am holding now and havent sold off in the past couple weeks was in that account. The 1800 dollar BTC, the 140 dollar ETH, the 38 dollar LTC although to be fair LTC didnt crash all that far that day it simply went to a 'normal' price so I actually have some cheaper priced coins in there than that. Well considering on how people deal with their 'inventory'.

    Like I have said over and over again I am basically out of BTC I held those ones I had and that was it. I bought a few when they crashed a few weeks ago in the middle of Sept but those are some I sold yesterday. Unless I have some I havent found yet I only had just under 6 right now, that includes a few crumbs in a couple sports book. And in hindsight I probably should have sold everything the other night but I still was gambling on the fork.

    But that is how they get you with BTC while everyone watches them the other (best) crypto for making money has gone crazy. LTC was 50 bucks the other day and it hit 59 bucks last night. All the money people have sitting in BTC tied up for the next week or more is not doing them anygood. But 'free coin' mania kills people and thats what going to get them this time. You dont walk in get an account and make money hand over fist they wont let you. These guys know exactly what number to set shit at before and after the fork to maximize what they 'steal' off people like meatman and raiders and any other fool who thinks they can get free money.

    You think I pull the numbers I do out of my ass? The specific ones that is? Its actually not that hard to see. Only time they arent all that accurate is when its crazy volumes bots are going nuts and the markets lag spike crazy moves. Right now BTC is semi depressed, the big moves were the other day now its back to 'normal' and the price thresh holds are right there. SO today its still the same price since it dodnt do anything major league crazy yesterday 6912/13. If it gets below that with any significant volume it will lose 400-500 more off that before it 'corrects' meaning youre looking at 6400-6500 dollar coins, and thats dangerously close to where all the nooblets bought in for and then they will start to panic because then the price is less than they paid and that free coin mantra might not embolden them so much. Thats when the thresh hold numbers can vary because then you have a very high potential for an all out crash and that gets them back to pre hype (and probably lower) prices which were 5300-5700. I actually predicted they would get below that and back into the 5100 area with 5400 as another possibility. 5400 falls right into the pattern getting set right now.

    We will see. Its still speculation and if I am right i am right. Means I just 'guessed' right I suppose.

    But one thing I am not guessing about is theyre not going to let people come in and get rich off them. I said it a week ago you COULD make money at 6400 THEN but if it gets to 6400 again you probably wont. The time to buy in came and went. even if it goes from 7K now to 7600 again tonight it wasnt worth the risk and if people are doing it for the 'free coins' it most definitely isnt worth it. Because the potential for that thing to happen that I said could happen is still possible, not likely or probable but possible and the possibility should be enough to make people have pause. Because if it occurs then the fork wins and BTC are worth less than they were who knows when. They have never really had an 'accurate' price point and thats why this is all a big joke to peopel doing it because no one knows but people off the streets or reading some googled articles are supposed to?

    Either way even if that doesnt happen and everyone gets their best case scenario in 10-12 days BTC will still be priced around 4600-4700 and considering where they were thats a HUGE drop off. If they get to what I predict however it wont look quite as bad. Thats the illusion.

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    On a side not major league buy orders coming in on LTC right now. Its at a high price compared to the past week or so but it looks like theyre pushing it. So even at 58.34 probably a decent shot to make some money.

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    Default Re: And so they begin...

    These guys must be reading my posts....

    Willy Woo, a highly regarded cryptocurrency and bitcoin analyst well known for his contribution to, has stated that the bitcoin price could suffer a major correction by the end of November, upon the SegWit2x hard fork.

    Willy Woo @woonomic

    A wild stab for November… BTC dumps before the HF, alts rebound, and a 3-way hash war between the 3 Bitcoins and BCH gaining a lot of value.
    3:53 PM - Nov 6, 2017

    Twitter Ads info and privacy


    Theory on Potential Bitcoin Price Decline After November 16
    Analysts including Woo and Tom Lee of Fundstrat have emphasized for many months that the SegWIt2x hard fork scheduled to be executed on November 16 could very likely lead to a major price correction, as a small portion of bitcoin investors who have allocated their funds from alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) to bitcoin with the sole purpose of obtaining the newly created SegWit2x coins or B2X reallocate their funds back to altcoins.
    The abovementioned theory is viable, considering that the only method of obtaining B2X immediately after the fork is to own bitcoin prior to November 16. While SegWit2x has not added replay protection as bitcoin hardware wallet development firm Trezor recently explained, there exists a complicated method with which users can withdraw and be credited with B2X. Hence, logically, it is possible that altcoin holders would briefly allocate their funds into bitcoin to obtain B2X and almost immediately withdraw bitcoin after obtaining B2X thereafter.
    Developers of Trezor said in an official statement released earlier today, on November 7:
    “The TREZOR device supports both BTC and B2X. For both, new and legacy addresses will be supported. However, as SegWit2X will not implement replay protection, there are certain steps you need to take before you can use both coins safely. We will prepare a guide for you to follow, should you wish to split your coins and use both coins.”
    But, the theory is also conditional to a certain extent, because it assumes that altcoin investors would allocate their funds prior to the fork solely to obtain B2X upon the fork. For the vast majority of bitcoin users and investors, the fork should a non-issue, because they can still hold and use bitcoin normally prior to, throughout, and after the fork without any technical problems with their wallets or exchanges.
    The rapid surge in the price of bitcoin over the past two weeks has been mainly attributed to the optimistic bitcoin futures and options exchange launch by CME, the world’s largest options exchange by volume. However, analysts like Woo have also described the allocation of funds from altcoins to bitcoin as one of the major factors in the price surge of bitcoin, which has been displayed by bitcoin’s increasing dominance over the cryptocurrency market.
    Conclusively, it seems unlikely that the price of bitcoin will suddenly crash after the fork, given that the market has had a relatively long period to prepare for the fork. Also, the theory in which altcoin investors have briefly stored their funds in bitcoin to obtain B2X is conditional on many levels, based on speculation and assumption.
    Furthermore, even if the bitcoin price suffers a major correction on November 16, which will most likely be the case, the CME bitcoin exchange launch scheduled for late November could play as a driving factor to increase the value of bitcoin once again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantitall4moi View Post
    On a side not major league buy orders coming in on LTC right now. Its at a high price compared to the past week or so but it looks like theyre pushing it. So even at 58.34 probably a decent shot to make some money.
    yeah I guess it was.....

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    Missed that last spot to buy I went away and came back and a shit ton of buy orders were coming in. Volume also through the roof 100K in the last 75 minutes.

    Looks like a small profit take there but if they reach 62.64 or so then the spike could be on huge. Thats the thresh hold number they either take off to close to 64 again (maybe even higher if its an effort to reach 70 some time tonight)or dump back down into the 60s.

    Theyre back and forth around 62 right now but it looks like the buy is on but of course theyre going to try and get them as cheap as they can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantitall4moi View Post
    Missed that last spot to buy I went away and came back and a shit ton of buy orders were coming in. Volume also through the roof 100K in the last 75 minutes.

    Looks like a small profit take there but if they reach 62.64 or so then the spike could be on huge. Thats the thresh hold number they either take off to close to 64 again (maybe even higher if its an effort to reach 70 some time tonight)or dump back down into the 60s.

    Theyre back and forth around 62 right now but it looks like the buy is on but of course theyre going to try and get them as cheap as they can.
    and here we are 45 minutes later new buy price is now 60.12 (if they move the one off 60.17)even then you might have to be careful. Unsure if they keep the obvious up and down going. That last one may have been to sucker people in.

    But a lot of buy orders lined up over 5000 but theyre all around 60.00.

    I will probably dip back in for a small quick hitter.

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    line in the sand time a big block of 3310 sells @ 60.64, now 3150 @ 60.53 and its at it right now lets see if they hold them all there. Nope moved some up to 60.55. So theyre doing their famous dangle a huge sell order tactic. Also a 2500 sell order at 61.00 so a lot of sell orders lining up now. Or at least ones they want people to see. Generally means theyre trying to dump the price and then another surge....

    even though the sell prices are a lot higher than what the new low will be.

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    still looking like 60.17 is the real target even more lined up on it for a buy now. I thought they were headfaking and 60.12 would be, but maybe cant do it with so many players loading up sell orders right now.

    A shit ton of coins in the range right now, like over 10K on both sides.

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    nope theyre goingto go up now big orders on both sides of the line and the sells at 60.51 getting eaten up fast.

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    LMAO and someone just undercut them thats why people are stupid, 1K sold in about 5 seconds @ 60.51 and someone undercut them (got those bought up instantly and paid a fee).

    but good to get these dummies out of the way price likely to see a nice spot sometime after these guys sell out.

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    The gambles of buying a number on limit and setting a number on alarm. I bit the bullet and bought at 60.46 (and was damn lucky to get that filled after I looked at it) and set an alarm for 62.89 (one of my thresh hold numbers) SO I got my buy order (after I logged off) and the price got to 62.59 over night, 30 cents off my thresh hold, so no alarm. Price was 61.60 or so when I woke up this morning, it has since come up a little but still a long way off. I probably still wouldnt have sold but it stayed at 62.59 for long enough that there were definite orders both ways fighting it over. And when it dropped it was a flash drop to 62.20.

    So now I have to sit and wait and look for the time to sell. I could obviously sell now for an OK profit. about 500 bucks. But I have this inability to sell in a back and forth market into a price that is 50 cents less than what it was a couple hours ago.

    My common sense says to sell but looking at the orders and the volume theyre really trying to push it above 62 again. It just might take some time to get the weak ones out of the way. But thats the risk sometimes the weak ones cause a stampede.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantitall4moi View Post

    My common sense says to sell but looking at the orders and the volume theyre really trying to push it above 62 again. It just might take some time to get the weak ones out of the way. But thats the risk sometimes the weak ones cause a stampede.
    yeah took about 30 minutes.

    now guessing the new ceiling: first thresh hold is 62.17 if it gets past that then 62.33. Then 62.40 is maybe the best you can hope for. Unless they really push it then who knows. 62.60 has been the 12 hour ceiling it usually takes quite a bit to break that if there isnt an agenda. But if nothing stupid is going on I will be selling what I bought last night at 62.33 or 62.40 depending. 33 looks like it will get there now.

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    or not theyre stopping it at 20 and 21....

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    if you really want to learn something go watch the LTC market at GDAX right now. Its a complete tug of war, theyre going from 61.85 to 62.20 and back and forth. Watch the orders pile up on the line of scrimmage (lowest buy and sell prices) and then look at how the numbers in the zone move around as they anticipate someone moving a bunch of orders off the line or them getting bought out. Even with little to no action the bots are always moving.

    someone just blinked snap move up to 61.94. now 98 no 6209 so 2 seconds it went up 24 cents after stagnating for 5 minutes. Like I said good to watch and see it in real time and how these things move around.

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    free fall just started it went past the first buy back thresh hold of 60.80 and is 60.60 right now and slowly coming back to steady. I would say the next 'safe' spot to look at getting back in is 60.30s. Unless it collapses right past that then who knows? Th eupswing was so fast below 60.30 could be all the way back to 56 before all is said and done. Highly unlikley but if you are looking to get back in and gamble youre going to have to watch it because it will most definitely shoot back for a nice quick hit profit sometime later.

    As I send this it was 60.32 and now 60.35 lets see if it surges back up/.....

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    it did for a second but collapse back on everyone sitting on 60.00 over 4500 orders there be interesting to see if they fill or move.

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    LOL they moved and it was a massive dump

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    if you can guess right youre going to make alot of money because the way this went down all but giuarantees it surges up just as drastically.

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    and there it goes...yup I dont know anything.....

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    Default Re: And so they begin...

    good call, +EV

    very interesting this crypto trading biz

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    small push on right now currently 62.29 but buy orders lined up. Also a couple big sell orders but they have been there and they keep moving them, sitting at 62.99 and 63.00 respectively.

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    stalling at 62.7 after a a surge spike to 62.8

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    I would say this might turn out to be a serious push the buy orders all walled up and one was 2500 at 62.71 so someone is serious at that number meaning theyre anticipating a pretty large spike in price. Its been over shot a few times and they keep moving it up. Still people selling enough to keep it under 62.80 for the moment but I suspect we will see a decent 63 number shortly.

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    full disclosure it bottomed out at 62.20 and was stuck there for a little bit then the buy orders I saw at 62.29 (less than that before I posted) showed up.

    currently 62.88 could gamble and take a shot at a move down spike and get for 62.75 but I think it keeps going up.
    if they move that huge order at 63.00 then nothing stopping it from hitting 63.38 at least and that order there is only 300, and that could move also.

    just a question of getting to and past 63 then its on.

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    yup and just as i post that two orders stonewall it at 62.89 and 62,90 meaning it probably goes down to the 70s again but its going to go back up.

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    hmm interesting the buy orders all moved up theyre not looking to get that down surge. Really protecting that line of scrimmage as I like to call it.

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    well it should have popped but all it did was let guys get orders in at 62.95 and through to 63.00 so the mid 63s dont look so good now but the buyers are very serious rightnow just have to get these stupid sellers out of the way first.

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    this is a case study in stupidity or manipulation.

    Literally 4000 buy orders lined up on the line and there are 500 or so sell orders stonewalling them. If those two 200 coins sell orders repriced they would make more money and the price would shoot right up.

    I also suspect the 2000 (now some moved) @63.00 would get eaten up pretty fast also and some would be moved to be sure.

    But people either dont undertsand or want to keep the price at a certain spot but for a little while there the history was ALL green (never happens) where its all buys for that frame.

    But theyre about to blow through this little road block the interesting one will be 63.00 I suspect that one ironically will get bought up faster because its a psychological price and they know if they get past it then 63.50 is attainable.

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    meh everyone lined up to sell now price crash incoming in 3,2,1,....

    thats the difference between making money and sitting there twiddling your thumbs. On a 'normal' day the price probably shoots right to at least 63.38 instead it got a little action at 62.99 and now everyone has pulled back and the price is going to collapse and it will start all over again.

    Thats why I say if people sat and watched the market for 30-45 minutes they would learn more than they will reading the forums.

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    bwwahaaha some bot got caught on a lag spike sell order of 1195 coins @ 62.80. price surged right back after that to 62.97 with a couple decent buy orders filled. now dipping back down but I like seeing that happen. That gives the guys a nice amount to throw up there to break the next blockade and gets all those coins out of the way. Also sets a decent price point. because someone somewhere is sitting with nearly 1200 coins at 62.80 and it was a single order that got them. Could have been another bot. hard to say.

    But thats why when shit like that happens the whole thing slows right down.

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    Default Re: And so they begin...

    and the race is on again just had to get a few retards out of the way

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    Default Re: And so they begin...

    another big sell block bouncing around so its a bot so no real worries there. 63.89 looks to be the mark though if it gets to that then 64.00 has some major orders in I imagine there is a blockade before then though.

    Not sure whatthe ceiling is today but until they reach it the buyers are very serious. but once they cash out its a free fall. This might be the last push until everything bottoms out next week. Generally how it happens, although with LTC the falls arent nearly as extreme.


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