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    hmm a shit ton of buy orders just showed up. like 15K now. Not looking good unless they shift some around.

    they went all in at 78.05 saw a nice spike to 78.35 now back and forth. Crazy over buying and undercutting going on. People trying to take advantage (both ways) of the lag going on right now.

    If there is another outage like yesterday people are going to be fucking buried if the price crashes. yeah 5K buy orders just disappeared people nervous of a crash maybe or just moving them lower.

    Still 9K in the chute right now ranging from 78.46 and 76.90 3K more just showed up so 12 in the zone.

    if you guess right you make a mint if you get on the wrong side youre losing some shit.

    Thats why when shorting this starts it will be chaos. Not sure they will do it with anything but BTC but I can imagine server crashes will become common place.

    big spike up just hit....up a buck 25 in 5 seconds

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    hmm I almost pulled the trigger when they stalled at 78.29 would have been a nice quick hitter at 80.59 or so. But no balls no blue ships. I am still convinced they get to 76 at some point. And a possible 750 on a miracle move would be nice you cant predict it right now.

    but 82.00 is definitely their target now all those they just bought on that uptick just got put there. thats why it didnt go right back down and is sitting at 80.40....

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    theyre pulling every trick they have to get to 82 even a pretty big BTC rally hasnt got them there yet.

    Convinced I was 'right' but too much going on to see the 'true' price. Once they hit their mark then we will see.

    But if BTC climbs back to 10K its unlikely LTC goes much lower than it has.

    I still think both are fake and more suckers have gotten taken in all around. 9750 is the BTC price to watch. I think theyre trying to coordinate getting to both those prices 9750 for BTC and 82.00 for LTC at about the same time. problem is looks like BTC might get there first.

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    yup another BTC surge pushes LTC right up there, good for me to eject out of the ones I bought bad this morning but bad because I didnt jump in any more than I did when it was bouncing around the low 79s. definitely missed out when it was in the low 78s. Seeing that 82.00 target was the key that gave me something I knew they would get to no matter what.

    Now what they do is a mystery. I dont see any major sell numbers all the way up yo 84.27 so I am not sure theyre desperate to get there at this point. My thought was they would hit their numbers I mentioned above then let them drift back if not collapse, still an hour or so until the time they did it yesterday but that may have had more to do with the servers going down than the time.

    Could be I totally missed out this morning and while I was fooling around quick hitting those coins I should have been buying and storing them. Either way I am not loaded like I should be (hindsight a great thing) but this morning I was 'buried' at bad numbers. Thats why these days are fun and not fun because you never know, but theyre definitely trying to push BTC up again. And its almost an exact correlation between LTC and BTC right now which almost never happens.

    I am going to the park I will put in some goofball 70 something buy orders and hope they dont completely crash and go from there if they dont get that low I wasnt going to buy if I was hear babysitting the screen anyway. I will also put in a stupid 88.69 sell price for the ones I have left from this morning. if they go higher than that before I get back so be it.

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    got some buy orders in here in the 83.70s they probably blow right past them if they keep dropping but I want to get a few. Might be over paying but theyre volatile right now I am out of everything I had this morning so I fell like gambling.

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    hmm flash drop I got mine not sure what they went to already up to 83.91 I got filled all the way to 83.66, now 84.20

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    bad buy I cant sell for what they are now and theyre going to go below 83.50....

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    ohh nice little surge there

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    eject at 85.12 they got higher tho...

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    too soon 86.94 is the number

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantitall4moi View Post
    too soon 86.94 is the number
    will have a chance to test that just bought some at 84.04 and 84.11 they bottomed out at 83.82.

    I am stop ordering for 86.95 lets see if they sell before I have a chance to buy in again.

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    A lot happened last night(obviously) but luckily (in hindsight) I took that stop order down because the exchange was going down for maintenance. The highest it got to was 86 bucks. Was a pretty decent dip to around 82.39 I bought just a few as it was crazy selling and I didnt want to get stuck. But despite more sells than buys the price went up because people were willing to buy buy buy and some were more than willing top sell sell sell.

    I have been up since 300 (tired after last night) and the price was just on a downturn and I was licking my lips for another major sell off, but it stopped and stopped hard and then it was off to the races. It went form almost 89 to 86.50 in a flash. Then a massive resurge back to 88 and another drop to 87. I figured the big one was coming...wrong guess. After that they went through the roof. Got ot 89 and then a tiny sell off to 88 and now theyre up to 93 (again) with some fairly large dips at certain number, but obviously the overall trajectory is up. Bitcoins playing a huge part, theyre up and up and up too. Up over 600 the last hour and almost 1100 in the last 6 hours.

    Why I have no idea I havent had a chance to read or look at anything. Probably something stupid whatever it is.

    Either way its the perfect set up they JUST got to 11300 LTC was almost 105, they spin it as a 'correction' or 'scared' people selling out and now the 'smart' ones are going back in with no regard for human life. So everyone thinks theyre 'safe' until those all time highs are reached (again) which they could be, depending on the end game. But the speed at which these have risen over the past few hours tells me theyre going to rape people and rape them hard. I could be wrong and there might be enough momentum (legit or otherwise) to overcome any sort of shenanigans.

    I am going to be ejecting out of the coins I didnt sell and the very few I did pick up last night, not a lot but if I see anything that looks screwy I am out. Ironically I think I will have to watch the BTC market to get a heads up on my LTC coins they have been incredibly connected the past week and thats not something you see with them, at least not this 'perfectly' in sync.

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    LOL and just like that they go from 93.50 to under 92....

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    and at that same exact time a mass amount of BTC got dumped. Its obvious some group is doing this at least on Gdax. Timing is in exact sequence between them even ETH although its fairly stable so big sell offs dont have such a big impact. ETH only went from 458 to 452.50

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    well not sure if it is a good thing but while responding to numbnuts in the other thread I had a stop order filled for 91.50 about 5 minutes ago. Looking at what they have been doing that was probably the wrong time to get in.

    Well I own them now lets see what happens.

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    I am going to try and get out here at 92.00 dont like it...nope didnt fill

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    ahh got rid of a few someone overpaid the ask price..thanks.

    they probably go up but I am getting out for now.

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    gone. now they surge to 93. I dont give a fuck 225 bucks aint worth it.

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    going to be gone for awhile getting ready for the move. I would watch today, priced been up and down severely the past 45 minutes. Looks to me like 97.40s or 97.01 is the spot theyre trying to get to. But of course if it gets crazy they could move those lower and price could free fall int the 96.50s.

    Prices got to all time highs yesterday and stayed there for long enough for people to sell A TON of coins. I Sold everything I had above my reserves now getting the pay off. I bought a few 'bad' this morning for 98.06 but I am convinced they go lower (now) theyre up to 98.48 and running a line right now but a sell off will be incoming here shortly more than likely.

    I am going to be on the road so have to gamble slightly and hope the bottom doesnt fall completely out but I have orders in at anywhere from 77.01 to 97.54.

    I am not positive we see prices (well) above 100 for awhile I think most guys who know what theyre doing sold during that sell off yesterday. Its that time where people are watching and waiting. But I am willing to gamble slightly it has a small surge before the extended downward trajectory. The last couple times that offered buy ins were extreme sell offs and not a sell off over a period of time. And where there was an immediate buy back to prices above where it 'crashed' at.

    But the action line is an almost perfect mirror to BTC so its that typical time where guys are running and dumping both at the same time. So to see in the 97.00s and even lower we are going ot more than likely have to see BTC into the 10600s (about 700 from where it is now)which may or may not happen you will have to watch both and see. I will say the biggest buy orders are lined up at 11100.01 for BTC. While that might not equate to the numbers I want it should get them close on surge drops.

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    theyre getting ready to bottom out here for people who might want to try a quick hitter.

    I am going to be in at 97.84 they could go lower but thats a decent spot to take the first shot.

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    problem is too many buy order lining up at 98.26 to let them go. Especially considering they just bottomed out at 98.00. Thats why its hard to make real good buys because to many stupid people involved now.

    Going to be really fun watching them all cry.

    Losing 60+ million in that mining hack didnt seem to phase them though.

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    well looks like 98.00 is going to be the bottom out number was hoping to get my 97.84 off a drive by but I guess not. Next dip and rise will probably keep it above 100 for the next few hours probably topping out at the 103.80s I mentioned in another thread.

    Going to suck to lose a decent come back for 16 cents. but I dont think I am going to adjust my prices because of the way things are going right now.

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    well it took longer than expected but it looks like the move is back on some bigger money showed up. I am thinking 169.11 is a decent sell spot, I dont think it flies right to that, if it does then you dont want to sell there. But after they crashed it this morning its been the typical nonsense for the past few hours. Its been married to BTC a little more than it has been but this little surge has continued while BTC just took a sell off. meh NVM there goes LTC.

    So it looks like the same group that was moving LTC and BTC around is back doing it again today, that muct have been them that just showed up. Which is good and bad. Something is definitely going to happen, the bad thing is you never know what theyre going to do.

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    They just had a massive bottom out lets see if they do what they did last night. They pushed the price down for the past hour and a half or so causing a mass sell of even in BTC, I thought they were going to go under 140 there for a second. They still might. We will see what happens in the nest hour and 20 minutes or so thats when the big money will show up again.

    I am sitting on a few some cheap some upside down still but I will be buying back in here in a second, they didnt reach my number on that last dip so I might up it a bit, I fully expect them to take right off again some SERIOUS buy order mixed in those moves for 145.00 and 146.00 much like last night before they went completely crazy. Now will they get to 200 again? Not sure, shit they could hit 300. It wouldnt surprise me one bit.

    But I am putting one order in for 143.34 and the rest I had at 143.11 and 143.01 and a few in the 142s will stay in tact. Total gamble mode but if they do what they did last night and I get my prices its a banner day.

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    got caught on a couple of them but got out of the way there when they dropped like a stone. Still a half hour or so to see the surge if its coming if not then its going ot be awhile sitting around waiting for them to come up again.

    BTC around 13500 isnt a good sign.

    But the amazing thing is no one is talking about how BTC is down over 30% off the high 48 hours or so ago. Theyre down almost 6K from the other night, a month ago they were barely WORTH 6000. Before the fork scam they werent.

    Wow flash drop on LTC to 138.80 I am sure that got me too...

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    LOL the price couldnt go lower there there were less than 200 coins for sale in the zone which at the time was 137.04 -139.20.

    If theyre timing this dump theyre doing it almost perfectly. If theyre going to take off it will be in the next 15 minutes or so.

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    now or never, a little bit coming in but doesnt look like enough.

    I am sitting on shit ranging from 135.52 to 160.11 If I cant get to 160 and eject out of some of this shit I just bought I wont be doing a lot of fooling around for awhile. Stuff I paid 150+ for (which in hindsight I should have ejected out of at around 230 today) I am not going ot sell for less than 169, so I will definitely be sitting on that awhile unless they go retarded again. NIce little spike there but no real legs....

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    yeah dont think its going to happen tonight. No volume they made a decent shot there for a few minutes but that super low price awhile ago let people fill in that medium range where they can sell for 143/144 and make 8-9 bucks a coin (5-6%)

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    LTC on a surge, kind of a surprise especially considering that BTC just got put on a futures exchange but smartly people are staying away. At least for now, there was some initial BTC buzz but they have since come back a biut but LTC just took right off. I am hoping for 169 I dont think they get close 165 might be more realistic. I am debating on where to eject and how many of the coins I was 'buried' with yesterday I want to dump. I probably dump about everything at 170, but depending on how it looks I may dump some in the 165 range. But there arent a ton for sale so any semi serious buying could get me my 169/170 target. But there was really only a single buy push at 160 that drove the price to close to 164 and since then the orders have gone, so maybe someone buying for alter dump. Because price is coming down, or maybe he is letting other guys do the work.

    I just know I hope it happens soon because I have been up for about 3 days now with maybe 5 hours sleep total and I am pretty loopy right now.

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    whether they get there tonight or not I am saying right now dont sell for too little. a lot of huge buy orders at 165.00 and 165.25 over 2500 over a few orders 164.99 was 780 165.00 was 750, 165,25 was 500 and 165,25 was over 300.

    Price is going to see a massive number at some point theyre not throwing order in like that for nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantitall4moi View Post
    whether they get there tonight or not I am saying right now dont sell for too little.

    Price is going to see a massive number at some point theyre not throwing order in like that for nothing.
    Umm yeah.....

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    normally I would stay and maybe buy in on a lul but I skipped the 178 one and the 181 one so I missed out.

    Huge sell order at 186.75 if they buy through that then its going to be a huge upswing and they just went through it... and I will probably miss it. I have a few coins left and put them on at 200.00 but if theyre serious they might blow through that today too.

    Some real serious buy orders again. Hard to pull the trigger at these prices but in a couple hours 187 might look like a bargain.

    187.88 has been the absolute ceiling and its been hit 3 times today if they can somehow push through that then its game on. And there THAT goes LOL so the 3 minutes it took for me to type this (while watching the screen) its blown up.

    I might have to stay now.

    Theyre BUYING these coins too theyre not moving them out of the way....

    I am not front loading that 200 order now.

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    well they finally smartened up and moved all those orders off 199.99 and 200.00 and price just shot to 205....


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