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Thread: The greatest day in basketball history

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Kelly View Post
    Railbird being Railbird.

    But like Birdie, I also appreciate international basketball over our country's version of basketball.

    FIBA tournaments feature beautiful teamwork, passing, shooting, gamesmanship, etc.

    I'm tired of watching NBA basketball and all the one-on-one play, a style that high school and college players try to emulate.

    How many times have you seen the best player on an NBA team dribble down the clock for the final shot of the game and come up short?

    It happens practically every night.

    I'd prefer the fourth or fifth-best player on the team take a high-percentage shot rather than the superstar take a contested, off-balance prayer.
    JK was always the anti-goal tender. Go ahead, grab the ball on the rim. It's okay.

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    I became a basketball fan during NC state tournament run. For 20 years before that it was all football baseball for me.


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