Bodog limits have been restored (after 5 years)
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Thread: Bodog limits have been restored (after 5 years)

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    Default Bodog limits have been restored (after 5 years)

    I can't believe it . My sports betting limits have been restored. 20+ years of gambling , asked few books to reconsider /be fair . Never bothered with Bodog ,i knew once your limits cut -you are done .Ladbrokes cut my limits to ZERO.I had never seen anyone posting on bet limits been restored ,unless they had to meet the roll over. Out of blue :


    May 18, 2018
    Bodog Customer Service
    Hello @@@@@@,This notice is from the Sports Team letting you know that your original wagering limits have been restored. Those limits may still vary from market to market but are no longer restricted.Our Customer Service Team is available 24/7 to help if you need anything else.Thanks,

    My limits been cut $6 per Q betting $30 for the game .
    I am all good now .

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    Default Re: Bodog limits have been restored.(after 5 years).

    I guess they are looking to keep players now that markets are starting to open up.
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