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  • Milk's blog and musings 2017

    How many real friends do you have Eddie?
    That was the first question I remember when I began seeing this shrink I wasn't sold on but knew this wasn't a normal downswing, not a normal year and nothing in my life had become ordinary.
    The fact I took the bus for 40 minutes to see him, when my car would've cut that trip to maybe 10 minutes so I could further look at notes I made on Saturday for the 10th time was the first clue. Followed by the fact he asked I leave my 9 ring binder of notes, phone with a woman had me pretty much ready to call this quits 5 minutes in.
    Get the ambien, get out was basically the thought process so I'll play the charades with the "so called doctor" guy.
    I've got 7 real friends.
    How often do you speak to these 7 people? Oh that's easy every single week! I got lunch with Andre when I leave the library on Friday to make sure I grade my confidence level in every bet for the week that's at 1 pm, lunch with Bret after openers on Monday, Jeff he's in Austin I call every Wednesday after tracking line movements at 4 pm Costa Rica time. Alan is a friday call 3 pm, he's brief but always has something interesting going on. Chad Saturday night after games are over insomniac I call at 1 am. Jeff lives in Austin we do that video chat, he hits the bong we talk music and he gives me stoned views of how he sees this season panning out, we were partners in college football in 2010-2012 he's now worth a few million, watches 2 games a week and seemingly knows just as much as I do. Then i have the poker friends Pan, Thoung, Rich see them every wed and Thursday at the 30 game I go from 11pm-4 am. We eat after we try to kill each other financially.

    Your entire life is scheduled by betting? Every relationship?
    Only during football season.
    What happens after football season?
    Umm.. oh well then Paul and Stache and pat come back into the picture.
    You have more than 7 friends? Oh sure but not during football season. They don't get it so we start hanging out again in February..

    So that's what this blog will be. What happens after football. Every year, I tell myself this year I'm going to this, I'm going to do that. Every year I make goals. I'm only going to eat like shit once a week, I'm going to have more sex, I'm going to go back to school and finish a degree, im going to go to yoga 3 days a week, the gym 4 days a week, hike more, try a new drug just once, I'm going to ski again, travel more.. every fucking year and every single year come May I'm tracking recruits, finding out if any coaches are going through a divorce, custody battles. Every year I get a little more "weird" isolated.

    This year I have a beautiful girlfriend, 3 new close friends, a new brother and sister 6 and 8, complete financial stability (hello weird unexpected and absolutely crazy upswings) and a goal of totally realistic expectation.
    I've decided to track my life when the game you devote your life for 9 months a year goes away and how you fill that void.
    You can follow me on Twitter if you're looking for terrible hockey plays, followed by poker chip porn (I did mention upswing right) and pics of the sweetest dog and travel destinations.. oh yeah I'm going to a new city every month until wsop time.

    Once every few weeks I'll submit a update. Gl to all as always and cheers to a new year and self discovery.

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    Re: Milks blog and musings 2017

    Politics aside, you churn out good stuff, looking forward to the blog.


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      Re: Milks blog and musings 2017

      Cheers Drink !.

      Be careful with the beautiful girlfriends, as women view all men as utilities....


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        Re: Milks blog and musings 2017

        Salud, Drink. I've been reading thru your notes. One basic observation:

        * If you do something unusual AND have success at it...the OTHER PARTY will not be able to appreciate what you're saying. If that person reacts judgmentally...huge red-flag, for THEM, not you.


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          Re: Milks blog and musings 2017

          I lead a boring life compared to Drink.

          Thanks for sharing, Eddie.


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            Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

            good stuff Eddie, I would have told the Dr that I find people who aren't into sports incredibly boring. We have guys in the office that didn't even know the CFB championship game was being played 10 days ago. Didn't watch (let alone have a wager on the game), how the Puck is that possible? I think these people are from MARS.


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              Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

              Good luck with it Eddie... Remember what William Wallace said: "Every man dies. Not every man really lives". Great plan to pull away from the grind and do some living, make sure these friends of yours actually remind you and help you stick to this plan.

              BTW, we never got a travel report on your trip to Cuba last summer, how did that go?
              If you ain't shopping you ain't trying


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                Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                Originally posted by DrunkenGoon View Post
                Good luck with it Eddie... Remember what William Wallace said: "Every man dies. Not every man really lives". Great plan to pull away from the grind and do some living, make sure these friends of yours actually remind you and help you stick to this plan.

                BTW, we never got a travel report on your trip to Cuba last summer, how did that go?
                Didn't go. Baseball, poker upswings lead to falling behind preseason college football work and canceling. Also my dog who has been my life for so long is now 13 and not doing well, she has doubled her life expectancy as a English bulldog. I don't enjoy leaving her for long. All my trips this year will be 3 days at a time, except for nicarauga/Costa Rica.
                These trips will be the first 3 days I haven't placed a wager, bet a hand or researched a team in maybe 15 years. It's a process, experiment if you will.
                Of the 5 of us that usually travel together, only 2 went. They had a blast would go back instantly given the chance despite the bed bugs and being robbed at knife point for $30, I think that's very telling.
                However I must say that one of the friends has a knack for getting robbed and not minding. When we were in Rio he went off with a lovely lady and came back with no watch or reals and was just fine with it.


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                  Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                  doctors say every time you have sex with a women you lose 150 calories.

                  I once had sex with a girl and lost 150 calories, my watch and wallet......


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                    Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                    This game owes you nothing

                    That was one of the first things I was taught way back when I was 24 and getting a opportunity that was way bigger than I knew.

                    The games owes you nothing. It doesn't care that you worked endlessly, skipped nights at the clubs with your friends, the beach with your family, your nephews bday that you stayed in your office for 14 hours on a 95 degree game reading everything you could about Georgia st on a Saturday in late july and your AC crapped out just in time for you to see on Facebook that everyone of your safely employed friends were at the lake or hiking.

                    Poker teaches you life lessons you can't learn elsewhere. My parents didn't understand that, my best friend at the time didn't get it, my girlfriend was exceptionally upset. There hero's were JFK, actors, authors, musicians.
                    Mine were Brunson, ivey, Appleman, (thanks dink for making that dinner happen if you read this, never thanked you) Reese, Greenstein (played alot with him last year) and Forrest (sad to report played too much with him the past 2 summers) and while these people who resented or didnt understand my choice went off to their jobs I would read anything I could find poker related waiting until 5 to open the club and let the dealers in. All my dealers had already learned had learned the hard way the game owes you nothing.

                    I was smug before I went broke the first time. I remember my first big score like it was yesterday. Isn't it funny how gamblers remember things? I remember my worst bad beats and my first score and everything else is basically a blur.
                    I was 22 years old bought into a game for $300 (maybe 1/4 of my net worth) at 2/5 nl and back then and to this day to some degree was the only white guy. I remember 7 Asian faces laugh when a friend of theirs raised me all in with maybe $40 in the pot while I held the nuts a hour later I looked down and had 10 rows of reds stacked neatly on front of me.
                    I remember driving home at 7 am with 2k or so in my pocket and screaming into the phone at a incoherent girl that we were going out to dinner and I was buying. I had made in 9 hours more than the past 2 months of telemarketing or dj'ing poorly or whatever. I was rich!
                    I didn't need a job, I had a job. I was to be at the AI, Hop sing, Matahorn every night no earlier than 9 pm and a alarm clock was no longer needed.

                    Poker teaches you to be humble. You never celebrate a huge win in a hand that's why I hate poker on TV George would always say. Idiot jumping around, other fucking guy might be contemplating what bridge to jump off, this guy is crying out of happiness.. other guys dying inside.
                    I've died inside a lot in the past 15 or so years. Game doesn't owe me nothing.
                    Every beat, every game that plays just like you knew it would and then last second it all goes wrong and boom that's it, lights out.

                    Poker teaches you tolerance of others.
                    You play with nice people, professionals who are Dr's, lawyers, professors, authors but you also play with drug dealers, share headphones with Bank robbers and casino robbers, gang members and no matter who or what happens you're civil for the most part it's just a game after all.
                    You play with Asians of all different cultures Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Lao, Thai and so forth, black, latin.
                    Democrats and Republicans alike once the chips hit the felt we are all just gamblers and the game owes us nothing.

                    I went broke 3 months after my 1st big score. Not like real broke, that'd be at least 3 years later. I went bust no gambling bankroll but had a gig and could work at the club as a dealer lol.. I didn't know it then. Game owed me nothing.
                    Taking my first real break since then this fri-monday. No cards, no games, no bets, no screen, no notebooks, articles to read. The game owed me a breather.
                    See you next week, Milk


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                      Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                      cool thread Milky it's a good read so far. I think you're a good dude, you shared some of your hard work with me this fall and I am still grateful. I shared some of mine with yours but I doubt you even looked at it twice lol.

                      Poker is the ultimate game. I love it. After you've established the basics and then start to transition from novice to advanced it becomes less about the money and more about the decision making. With the game being a combination of math and feel, skill and luck, it cannot ever be conquered. As simple and corny as this is going to sound, it all boils down to knowing when to hold em and when to fold em. I like to think I make the right decision 80% of the time, and that's why I'm able to consistently stay in the black. I'm not winning millions, and most nights not even thousands, but I keep my head above water.

                      I look at poker as a human case study. Trying to figure out why someone did this, or how I would play this, and would they play it that way as well. Why is this guy talking so much, why did he get quiet? Why is his c-bet now 75% of the pot, 25 mins ago it was 66%.

                      You have all of these factors and all of this data and you have process and filter it, to make an educated decision. It's fucking great


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                        Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                        Oh brother


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                          Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                          Good writeup, Drink. I like it. Live + learn.


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                            Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                            That's just crazy

                            I get that alot. It is something people often say to me. If you've met me anywhere I have a backpack with me and in that backpack there are 3 huge binders. Every year they grow. Used to be one 5 ring, then 1 9 ring and well eventually 3.

                            I was a semi smart kid. Not overly intelligent, I liked to read. My dad would come in and out of my life and he was a reader. He would always leave books behind. I would read anything he left. My dad was the coolest ever to a 6-15 year old kid. He smoked, had women, played every instrument known to man and was in bands that would play all over the country. He was the polar opposite of my mom and stepfather.

                            I dropped out age 15 had enough of the small town, doing nothing wanting to do anything other than what I was. Which was really just sitting around a penny arcade getting suspended from school for miniscule things. I had a learning disability and I never really tackled it back then. I would read books and 3 hours after I couldn't tell you exactly what I read, only the last thing I read. I knew (still do I'm sure) the ending of every Lawrence Saunders crime novel.
                            Which btw is not appropriate for anyone 13 years old lol.

                            I worked menial, shit jobs and lived out of hotels on East Colfax. The Manor house, the Ranger, I bought all my clothes at EZ mart (they sell knock off gucci and hilfiger clothing to urban customers so yeah i fit right in lol) had convinced a girl to runaway with me. She worked at burger King and I worked at a scam telemarketing place and we ate burger King 3x a day 7 days a week to save money for our first apartment. We would celebrate paydays by getting someone to buy 2 40 oz's of mickey's for 15$ and played spades all night.

                            I never thought much of my learning issue until I was around 23 and started playing poker. There was a guy Les McMullen that would play in the 5/10 nl and he was the best. I mean he could run without the ball and he would do things that just weren't common back then he was so LAG. He told me you should really read super system and I think the Dan Harrington book. I was broke or close to and being put in the nightly 100$ tourneys at the time.

                            I convinced someone to buy me a book and I sat at Cafe netherworld where I learned to play poker initially and then backgammon, then cribbage and gin and I read both books front to back and 5 minutes later moved on from both without much thought. Cafe netherworld was on 13th and Penn I lived there from dusk til Dawn it was 20 people playing games drinking cheap coffee and playing cheap games of whatever. One day old man Mike who passed recently of diabetes asked me if I had read that book I was working on and if he could borrow it. I reluctantly gave it up.

                            3 days later I'm sitting in a back booth losing to Brian Wall (gm, good friends still) in chess while he does a cross word and talks to everyone around him. Mike walks in and starts asking me what do I think of this move and would I really check raise oop with middle pair?!?! He is exhausted and excited, he wants to drive to blackhawk right then! He will put us in the 5 o'clock daily! Old man Mike couldn't drive 5 blocks his eyes were so bad and if we sold both of what we owned right then we would be 40 bucks short of the $300 for one buy in.

                            However I lived on 8th and Penn at the somerset (it's still there, I paid 590 a month 55 for parking even though I didn't have a fucking car, still pisses me off.. same place today 2500! No parking, they sold the spots for 30k each, this fucking city) and I basically ran home with that book. What the hell was this old man talking about? I read the whole damn thing I don't remember any of that!
                            I started tearing through the book. Chapter 4 out of position aggression and optimal play. Chapter 5 bankroll management and game selection and so on. It dawned on me, I hadn't read this book! So I read it again and brought it over to Paul's back when he lived on 16th and Washington and we discussed it after he read it. He said dude, something ain't right. What aren't you getting? I am not getting much bro.

                            I highlighted sections of books, I got audio books that was ok but still I drowned out when I got bored. Fast forward maybe 3 weeks and I go to a friend of mines house he too has passed now. Steve has all these 3 ring 100 page binders, he's a stand up comic, does morning radio and smokes weed, lives in the safari on 13th and Washington (still there probably 5k a month or something retarded) and back then it was like Melrose place except weird with punk, goth, hippie chicks and his neighbor was the hottest black woman both he and I had ever seen.

                            We would sit on his balcony and smoke weed and for being so funny he was a depressed dude which unfortunately later on in life would lead to his demise. One summer night we are listening to Howard Stern on the balcony when they'd play the replay on 103.1 at 10 pm (back when he was on regular radio, I'm getting old) and he had on Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld is being witty and boom Steve jumps out of his chair and grabs a pen and a notepad and starts making notes of everything jerry says. I think dude you can't steal this dudes material and finally I say something and he basically tells me to shut up and he is writing a mile a minute. They go to commercial and he is still writing, I'm bored and tell him dude I'm gonna take off. He says sorry Ed, I don't process anything unless I write it down. I have to write everything down or else I am just lost and can't sleep because I can't remember shit. Sorry to hear that bro, I'm gonna hit they hey I have to get to that interview at Rock Island is what I tell him lol.

                            I went home and rewrote super system 2 lol. I'm not kidding I rewrite books sometimes. I don't process anything like most. If it means something, i want to know and retain, i write it down. People i never forget, names never, if its printed you can forget it. The Internet stats oh fuck me, chasing steam is a fun thing. Ok 242 over is moving, what number was that?!? Under? Oh man missed it! Ok 542 lay the 6. Get to submit screen and 524 is getting 9 that can't be right. As Cas used to say we aren't leaving the house are we?!

                            So yeah there's notebooks and binders and massages for carpal tunnel and a closet bulging with notes from the past 7 college football and mlb seasons.
                            So here we go this a college football season and what it looks like for me.

                            Notebook 1 coaches.
                            I want to know the age, where he grew up, divorced or married, where he went to school and most importantly where did he GA at and what got him here. OC, DC and the rarest of rare St's. Then I want to overlook his performance the last 3 seasons along with his contract status. This takes 1 month and I think is the most important part of all this.
                            New coaches are the best and take up the most time but they're a God send sometimes.

                            Notebook 2 predictions and players
                            Thats every preview magazine, podcast and TV analyst whatever. I take them all into account no matter how silly. Phil Steele I'd horrific if you're looking for him to lead you to winners but he also has tremendous special teams and PDR rankings.. everyone has something that's may-july. That's 6 hours a day even during the world series of poker I hurry home, I love every minute of it. I get at a picnic table in the park and read and write all day.

                            Notebook 3 is the last one
                            Notebook 3 will fly with me, sit at dinner tables, will go to 5 libraries throughout the city, notebook 3 is my Bible.
                            I combine schedule, last year's results both stats and ats/total with coaches, predictions both mine and theirs it takes me from July 1st to august 20th to rewrite every page all 128. If you've met me you've seen notebook 3. It's 540 pages I log every single game, every offensive stat and most defensive in every game. 3 pages each team.
                            Notebook 3 gets ups'd overnight to 2 very special people the second I think they're ready august 20th no later.

                            My friends, dude are you really bringing the notebook to pho again? pfft that's crazy.
                            Mom says on Sunday could you please not bring that binder it's crazy.
                            Girlfriend says what time can I expect you and your notes
                            Sisters, are you really skipping the beach to write in that notebook? That's just crazy.
                            Dink gets in the back seat of my rental car, moves the 10 pound binder and says you did all this just to lose in bowls again? That's just crazy

                            Have a great week to all, Milk


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                              Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                              Drink, that's good stuff. 2 Rules to live by:

                              1) Don't apologize for talent.

                              2) Don't take shit from anyone.


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                                Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                Would it not be easier to use laptop?


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                                  Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                  Drink, not questioning anything u wrote. But how do u possibly extract value from knowing whether coach is divorced or married?

                                  More specifically, do u have a preference for whether a coach is married or not? IMHO, I found that (on average) single employees were superior workers. If you're married, that's effectively another job and excuse to punch out early.


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                                    Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                    Good point...never thought about that. Most of the laziest and unfocused people I have ever met were in life draining relationships. If the marriage is good i guess it can have a positive effect but how many marriages actually turn out to be good? lol


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                                      Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                      Just my observation, hangover.

                                      If I was HC at major college-program (big IF)...I would love to stock my staff w/ some energetic single 25-year olds. Ambitious, and they can work all hours, don't have to report to anyone.

                                      Quote about Marriage. "Long and Satisfying"? Might be long, might be satisfying...very likely won't be both.


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                                        Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                        Good catch chucky.
                                        If he's a young coach I want him single or divorced. Pj Fleck last year first year after messy divorce was ultra focused.
                                        If he's old I don't want him single or going through custody battles see jimbo fisher last year's beginning of season where he was due in court every week for custody hearings.

                                        I don't really like to share coach stuff because I think that's where your largest edge specifically in rsw and totals work will come from but if you find a coach who is complacent with bad assistants and in no hurry to hire new or fire old you will make a lot of money on that info alone over a large sample size.
                                        Super unhappy, miserable coaches will always mess with any team they touch. 19 year Olds aren't motivated by a 50 year old making 2m a year who's pissed off constantly. See Brian Kelly, Charlie Weiss, Tommy Tubberville, Bronco Mendenhall, Paul Rhodes towards the end. There has to be balance so finding out if a guy has been married 25 years or has been single 11 months after 25 years might help. Age of a HC is huge as well. Look at the best OC and DC currently there is a correlation there that started around 2012.

                                        I can't use a laptop. I am slow as hell typing and pretty soon am just focused on typing the words, not focused on what they mean. I fell in love with the method I have and until I have a losing year will keep it but am definitely interested in these voice recording apps for iPads.
                                        I have a assistant once a week during football season and she set up excel so I could track what I bet, my CLV, w/L etc and it made me feel pretty stupid for all the hours it took me to do it over the years, takes it like 45 seconds.


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                                          Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                          Great stuff drinker.
                                          Fuckin love it.

                                          Went skiing today for the first time since Dec 2015.
                                          Feeling fuckin alive.
                                          Keep living life!
                                          "Once you in it, you in it. If it's a lie, then we fight on that lie, but we gotta fight"
                                          -Slim Charles (also the new motto of


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                                            Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                            Drink is the closest thing to Alan Boston since Alan Boston.


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                                              Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                              Originally posted by John Kelly View Post
                                              Drink is the closest thing to Alan Boston since Alan Boston.
                                              he has a ways to go yet

                                              he needs to proclaim he's quitting at least 1,000,000 more times and start sending out 2000 consecutive tweets on what a shitty job the president is doing
                                              The real women sport expert


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                                                Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                I played a lot of poker with alan online and chatted quite alot. I dont think we have anything at all in common other than we write a lot in notebooks.


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                                                  Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                  Why is this teddy kgb character so obsessed with you? Did you sleep with his wife?


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                                                    Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                    Originally posted by Hangover View Post
                                                    Why is this teddy kgb character so obsessed with you? Did you sleep with his wife?


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                                                      Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                      Ted still banned here?


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                                                        Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                        Bookies, agents and gamblers

                                                        I often run into someone out of the blue from a decade ago that will make me completely humble on where Im at in life compared to where I thought I'd be at 38.
                                                        Last Saturday I am sitting in the seat 8 watching 2 asians cap the turn only because its chinese new year and that means gambol! When I see a man that I dont recognize at first and then he sees me and runs around the table and hugs me. Im startled at first and then realize its Kermit.
                                                        Kermit dealt for me at the med club for a year. Now I have dealt with tilt issues. I have seen therapists, done yoga (hot and super bikram) hiked lots, joined meditation circles. If you have anger and a compulsion to act off that anger.. poker can be like being a alchoholic and choosing bartending as your occupation.

                                                        One Tuesday night Kermit comes to ne and says I want in this game it's so juicy. Put me on the book for a nickel. Seat opens and Kermit jumps into a 5/10 game about as short stacked as it gets.
                                                        I had never seen him play and after a hour it was very clear he had the goods. He was very tag and played perfectly.
                                                        Then it happened Kermit took a beat. Not a all in, lose your case money, go find 2 more jobs for nights you dont deal. A regular $200 beat.
                                                        Kermit starts berating this guy, "hey you should go play the lottery. 12% you stuck your money on the turn at 12% I hope I get enough money one day to take chances at 12% etc" and I call him to the side. Cool it man, he is a whale. You're up $300 man go get some food, take your girl out.

                                                        Somehow this further upsets him, maybe my age whatever.
                                                        First hand after he heads back 2 limps $10 in the pot I hear all in! Kermit makes it $700 everyone folds. Next hand, all in! No one is in the pot yet! 700 all fold. Next hand all in! Call. Kermit is bright red with anger, I mean he looks absolutely crazy. His opponent took a stand and $700 in his world means a whole lot less than the $500 kermit is gonna owe. He has KJ suited kermt shows 44 and i was so nervous for him but miraculously it survives. He has just a touch under 1500 thats 3 weeks dealing in a smoke filled room full of guys he hates.

                                                        Very next hand the guy who beat him with a 12% hand on the turn makes it 25 it gets to Kermit and he says all in.. he hadnt looked, not even glanced at his cards. The unsuspecting gentleman who was about the nicest guy ever didnt even wait for others to complete folding before he called and flipped over AA. Kermit starts calling him a nit, no gamble mfer he flips over 95 and its over in 1 minute. He is still calling everyone, anything he can.

                                                        The security guy and I walk outside with him and he walks right onto colfax and madison and there was a Do Not Park sign and to this day Ive never seen anyone like this. He punched the sign so hard that it actually dented right in the middle. In the process he broke his hand it was a hand from a horror movie we were looking at while he is still murmuring 12%, Aces that is all that mother fucker plays.

                                                        He made me remember a slew of guys from back then.
                                                        There was mike O he was a nba total bettor and went from up 100k in one week to leaving town betting action points, all debts cleared just was ashamed for no reason at all.

                                                        Ronnie chan. Never booked a win, ever, not once. If you handed chan 2k and said take the night off he would buy 2k in lottery tickets on the way home.

                                                        Chris the book
                                                        Never knew the line. So he would have maybe the hottest 2 girls with him to look it up. He drove a Mercedes jeep and was big time and then decided he going to also be a bettor. Lost everything in the first 3 weeks of a season following touts who called him. Im not kidding, he once asked me who I liked in a game. I said Ive never bet NBA.. he says gun to your head just choose one.

                                                        Fergie the stick up man
                                                        He was the nicest guy. Hello sir, excuse me sir, do you have the time sir etc.
                                                        It was no secret though if you dealt drugs Fergie was going to come see you and I only saw his bad side once and while Ive changed the names Im not retelling it.

                                                        Mike H and Buger
                                                        Two degens who would play on credit. Lose and lose and then do what only the best degens who are also best friends would do. Play high card for the entire debt and then work for weeks to pay it off, once off everyones book rinse and repeat.

                                                        Sharpest college basketball guy I ever met back then. Super smart, engineer gave up employment to bet. Agents and books owed him weekly for months. March madness came, bad run and he skipped out. Left a vmail at 4 am for everyone he owed to say sorry.

                                                        Les M
                                                        Great NL player. Killed it for awhile, married a professional bj player and they moved out to LA he went broke playing at commerce everyday and not knowing how to handle downswings. Called me a fish after I refused to loan him anything. Good guy.

                                                        Prostitute and great limit omaha player. She was not good looking, cussed alot, carried scissors to cut filters off her cigarettes and was not ashamed of who she or what it was she did. There was a pastor that played in the 10/20 o8 game and she once showed up and he decides to quit. She looks at him and said, "you close that church and I would have more time to play games like this. See you wednesday at noon" we all tried not to laugh but impossible.

                                                        Dr. Kim
                                                        Huge whale. Played a 20 hour session and at 6 am he said sorry guys, I have a surgery. Ill be back at 1, maybe 2 will you guys wait for me. We were 4 handed and it never dawned on us how sick that was until later when he didnt show up at 1 and kept apologizing at 3 for making us wait.

                                                        Bob Sparks RIP
                                                        Bob was 250 and he had every affliction wrong with a human being. He owed everyone money. He smoked, drank, did lots of blow when someone would take his word. Fast women and slow horses was BOB.
                                                        Bob loved to lie but not in a logical way. Hey Eddie you still playing online poker?
                                                        Yeah Bob.
                                                        Eddie I ever tell you that my dad invented the internet?
                                                        No Bob guess I missed that.
                                                        Oh yeah him and my mom still get checks from Rob Gates and Chad Allen.
                                                        Harmless and mostly funny stuff.
                                                        One night Dennis the dentist and a few are talking about running during a slow 2/5 game and Bob says i can run a 7 minute mile.
                                                        Out of nowhere this claim pisses Dennis off. Dennis says you fat fuck, you couldnt run a 17 minute mile. Bob takes great offense and puts out hid cigarrette, takes a drink of his mountain dew and says lets find out then doc. My 500 to your 1000 I can do a 7 minute mile right now on that track. He points out the window at east high school.

                                                        Doc says you dont have $500 you p.o.s.
                                                        Bob owes me around 1200 and im certainly not going another $500 deep.
                                                        Out of nowhere Bob goes into his sock and takes his shoes off. He has 2k all wadded up in footsweat. Im pissed but also unsure if im willing to take these bills.

                                                        10 minutes later Bob is asking doc if he is sure. Doc says oh yeah. Im holding the cash, Cindy has a stop watch. Im not kidding while stretching Bob smoked a Kool. He has all these silly demands he gets 7:10 because we dont have a official starter gun. He gets 7:20 because he has no water bottle and must depend on a inexperienced water team stationed at 2 stops around the track. The dentist gives him whatever he wants...
                                                        Mark, set go! Bob didnt come around for a long time. He only made it 4 laps before collapsing and faking a heart attack at the 9 minute mark.

                                                        I have so many more people I left out. 1 year ago today Bob gave me the last of his debt. He had been clean 3 years but had issues. He would call and id meet him at Pablos on 6th, he didnt talk much anymore and had a shake to him. He passed at 47 yrs of age but lived many more than that his obituary read. Us gamblers always do.
                                                        Thanks, milk


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                                                          Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                          Drink, that's some good stuff. Thx for writing. The REAL gambling stories are so good.

                                                          Would love to hear the "stick-up man" story. If u have to change the names again, that's fine.


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                                                            Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                            A thread like this gets me thinking about one topic that has always fascinated me. What about a gambler that is +$ in one area but gives it back (x2) in another area?

                                                            This boggled my mind when I heard it. How is this possible?

                                                            But you hear about it. TJ Cloutier winning at poker, but giving it back at the craps-table b4 he hits the door. Doyle Brunson winning at poker, apparently not a good sports-bettor. Stu Ungar winning at gin/poker, throwing his $$ on sports.


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                                                              Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                              Ego. One can crush at NBA and be subpar at NCAAB but still bet it always thinking that eventually they will start to crush NCAAB too


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                                                                Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                                Chucky I will not discuss Fergie but for 7 months I will admit since he is in prison for life that Darius "the bandana bandit" played in my game every night and I to this day think he was maybe the nicest guy Ive ever met.
                                                                When he was arrested and then the CBI and FBI started raided all of our social clubs I refused to believe it. I was and alot were in complete denial. We all thought he was just a drug dealer, he was so over the top nice that it was hard to imagine but when a investigator shoved pictures of him with a assault rifle pointed at a clerk, towards the end he didnt even hide his face.
                                                                He lost 10000 in a 2/5 game and gave each dealer $100 the night before the morning of his arrest. He hung with nba players, dated over the top strippers and once I said wow those are coolest shoes, "hard toe adidas white with green stripes" and 2 hours later while he was playing a young black kid rang the bell and handed me a box of the same shoes.
                                                                He didnt always lose. If he won, he broke the entire table it was rare but happened twice in 6 months.
                                                                I guess he was absolutely the most dangerous guy Ive played with but he was also the nicest and just liked to gamble. He didnt care if he won or lost, he wasnt keeping score like you and I would.

                                                                As for gamblers who can beat one thing but give their money away on one endeavour after another that isnt their speciality.
                                                                I dont play poker during football season maybe once a week. Ive played probably 2m hands in my life online and live id guess in the last 18 yrs.
                                                                Ive bet 1000 football games, can name every coach, every qb of every team top of my head no problem.. i cant remember to tie my shoes and forget to grocery shop the entire month of september and ride the bus because i dont sleep much.
                                                                In other words im completely unqualified to answer. Id say maybe they havent gone broke before but they have. I'd say maybe they have too much money to care. Judging by the fact that T.J. played 10/20 lo8 all last summer that cant be it.
                                                                No idea. People have leaks. I like to buy shoes and outdoor apparel and gear. I get off cheap.


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                                                                  Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                                  Thanks for sharing, Drink.


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                                                                    Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                                    Yeah, Drink. That's the word, Leaks!

                                                                    We all have em (including me). Key is to keep leaks to a minimum. Stay in your comfort area, thrive there.


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                                                                      Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                                      Drink, got a poker book for u:


                                                                      If u want a copy, let me know.


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                                                                        Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                                        you've learned the secret to success drink, being relentless in what you want in life....congtrats.........change your name to ....relentlessly drink your milk shake........bish


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                                                                          Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                                          Bish, I agree. Most people are on the hamster-wheel. Not interested.


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                                                                            Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                                            Solid blog, this man milk can write

                                                                            Great movie to cull your name from to boot


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                                                                              Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                                              Thanks for the compliments. Ill be on hiatus for awhile from writing starting Sunday.

                                                                              GOD WOULDN'T THAT BE NICE

                                                                              It was a Saturday night around 2 am and Im seated at table 3 and my best poker friend is on table 2. We see it all in slow motion just like every grinder does.

                                                                              It is packed, all 23 tables with lists. 8 people deep and it is May there are a few tourists at every table and of course the weekend warriors with their buffet tickets and sunglasses watching the big game while they wait for their 1/2 table to open. Then you hear it and you see everyone scurry. You hear the dealer yell it and then the news travels so quickly that even if you are in a hand that is very relevant you look around and spot what table they went to. You listen again just to be sure and again the dealer will cry out. "Badbeat Jackpot!" And someone just won 50-100k and you go back to trying to grind a black checkmark in your records book.

                                                                              I had just folded A9 off for like the 20th time that night. I hate Ace rag its such a tease, the squeeze of the ace is so nice followed by the oh fuck me feeling. I got the text from Rich who is up 2k in 6 hours while I nurse my $310 in profits and hope I can get home to watch the end of the NHL playoff games. Dude wouldn't that be nice? What would you do with that kind of dough?

                                                                              Every poker room has a jackpot or promotion of some kind. 99% of them are shit and they charge a buck a hand and it just guts the player just a wee bit faster without most rec players ever thinking twice about it.

                                                                              Fast forward to August 13th. I just had gotten done reviewing my big 12 rsw bets, projections and sending Dink and Marni week 1 lines when I sit down in a 8 seat. I am sweating a baseball game score on yahoo and folding 10-3, 7-3, q-4 and reviewing my number on Oklahoma st. when I hear raise, reraise, raise, reraise so fast that I look up and it is a super nit reraising as fast as a crazy asian (lei good guy) can put in chips. They are on the river and when I see the 6th raise go in I am completely immersed they both have 3k or so in front and we are playing 30/60 and Lee starts shaking his head like oh no and looks sad in a way. He gets up and says I just call and smiles ear to ear.
                                                                              He turns over 9-10spade spade and super nit turns over AK spade spade.
                                                                              I think omfg dude Im so sorry thats insane straight flush to a royal! Someone call him a ambulance, he just died!
                                                                              Dealer says it, bad beat, bad beat jackpot and she is tiny so someone else screams it and the floor runs over!

                                                                              It was the first time I ever had a big score in a casino. I play 30/60 40/80 50/100 every week, sometimes too many days in a row. Im feeding myself, paying the bills, feeding the dog, taking in a game and the lady out to dinner.
                                                                              the I dont play craps, I couldnt tell you how a slot machine even works. I have a hourly wage in mind and thats who I am. When they relay that a table share is $11,700 I panic a little. How much do I owe in taxes? Will I get audited? What do I tip?
                                                                              I play 8 hour sessions, sometimes much less. Needless to say this 11k is is quite the fucking raise to my hourly right then.

                                                                              Then football season begins 11 days later and well that was cool but back to work. Its not like 11k is going to let me retire and I worked 300 hours to ensure football season goes the same as every year... which it did and very much so didn't I'll write about this season soon.

                                                                              Fast forward to Jan. 9th I fly into Vegas to meet Voodoo for a first time and go over props for the national championship. I spent two weeks reading about Alabama and clemson and made numbers for every player, situation I could think of and it was a excellent experience and if you ever wonder as a handicapper if you are working hard enough? Go have lunch with Voodoo he will inspire you I am positive.
                                                                              I also went to LV to see Dink and meet his dog Hazel. Dink is my favorite person probably ever when it comes to gamblers. Sharp as a razor and perfectly cynical. We watch the game together and I win and we go eat but the next day while sweating hockey at Dinks house. Robbie stops by and Robbie is my favorite poker player ever.. period.

                                                                              Robbie is beyond nice, at the wsop last year I took a break to chat with dink and while doing so Robbie asks me what chance I give myself to win the main. I am not playing main, he looks dissapointed. He roots for everyone, Im not kidding. It is genuine and I like that.

                                                                              Robbie plays poker I think nightly or close to it. He plays Aces, Kings but limps queens in case someone has AK he can wait to see the flop. My next life I want to be Robbie the poker player my life would be a lot simpler. I would probably need 3 more jobs but the days of putting people on ranges, studying poker stove, going broke at 27 etc Id avoid all that. I'd head right into waiting He never gets it in the middle behind and is almost always wearing a smile. A grinder with a smile.. If it was a book it'd be fiction.

                                                                              So Robbie and I talk poker and I tell him about my table share at the bad beat. He gets excited just talking about it. What would you do if you had one? How would you let the other guy know not to fold?! We go over the scenario for 5 minutes, pretty sure driving Alan crazy as he tries to sweat games.
                                                                              I tell Robbie like I'd ever hit one in a 30/60 game not enough action but if I did I would have the loser.

                                                                              Dink and I watch hockey I count my losses for the night, we go and eat pizza with some friends of his. Next day I have lunch with Waz who is a genius and overly nice guy but also a cubs fan. 2 out of 3 ain't bad
                                                                              I head home the next day and start working, same as everyday.
                                                                              Take the girl out but otherwise its same old same old for the week. Hockey, a little mlb prep work, poker and alot of wondering when this current downswing will end.

                                                                              Tuesday the 15th
                                                                              I head up super late. Im not at all in a good mood as I make the drive up the canyon. I hate downswings and every single one of us know theyre inevetible but fuck me! Please stop with the overtime losers, nba steam please just one time be right.

                                                                              I say hi to Albert at the cage as I grab the 2k it takes to play in this shit show of a game on a tuesday. Half green, half red. Im on the list, sitting there reading forums, watching CNN and Fox news tell me Im doomed just in different tones on two seperate tvs.

                                                                              I get called to table 1 30/60 half kill and I am in my own head. 500, get the nickel, get the hell out of here. Your numbers are so far off just go home the second you get the nickel. If youve played a lot of poker you know what I am talking about.
                                                                              Its midnight, Im at +455 ive been there a hour and a half and the game opens up.
                                                                              Its me, another very solid pro and 7 vietnamese just gambling. Now Im making deals in my own head 3 am thats when Im leaving. Have to figure out what Im missing, I hate corsi. Lets take a look and track corsi..

                                                                              Its 2 AM and im up 1700. Good score, get home, get to work. Dont spend all morning here chasing when you were up 1700. Next down, Im leaving period this game is so good but its unstainable. Youre going to take a bad beat for 500 and then leave? Just leave at 230 be super polite to everyone as you rack up. Seat 1 is stuck 4k almost all of it to you, be respectful. All in my head, same as every other person in any game.

                                                                              230 AM up 2,455 text Lauressa tell her you won. She will be happy when she wakes up. Play one more orbit, its now short handed, dont break the game, dont be a dick. Play one orbit, fold hands and get going.

                                                                              At 2:51 am 5 handed. Im in the big blind
                                                                              Ktai who is super loose and gamble heavy raises the button and I look down at ace-9 unsuited. Its 5 handed this is probably a raise but Im playing for 9 minutes, needless to say I'm playing very cautious. Im up 2600 my biggest score of the new year.

                                                                              I call. The flop comes a beautiful A-9diamond-8-diamond
                                                                              I check raise and am immidiatley 3 bet. Fuck. Is my initial thought here goes 500 I knew this was going to happen as I call for deceit. Turn is a Ace! I have the nuts! Ok Ktai lets let you get crazy with your fd and straight draw type of hand I check and he checks back no waiting.. so weird...
                                                                              The river is a 8 and I lead beat, raise, I hollywood for like 15 seconds and raise, he raises. I think OMFG he checks back AK, AQ on the turn there obv crazy I have him coolered, I raise and am met with a black and 4 reds as soon as I raise. I say omg out loud I ran into quads are you fucking kidding me. I call and turn over my hand in semi shock.

                                                                              He screams yes, he cant control it, again yesssss!!! Im thinking wtf dude, thats excessive in my head. He is going crazy, I can only see him. Its kind of slow motion as all these hands are patting me on the back and he is trying to high five me. I swear it hadnt dawned on me yet, for 30 seconds I was frozen in the pain of a bad beat with $600 missing from my stacks. The dealer is yelling bad beat, Im thinking fucking A it is. I was leaving dude.

                                                                              All this time I think of Robbie and I talking about it just a week ago. Robbie if you ever read this. I'm sorry. I did nothing when it happened that I said I would. I swear I thought it was just another horrifying bad beat. Nonethe less I promised dinner next time I see you and Ill go into better detail then on the rest.

                                                                              It is 258 AM
                                                                              Who do I call? Who can I even text?
                                                                              Everyone of the guys at the table are calling family in other countries, some family members of Kthai are coming up he didnt have his ID. No one can get paid, the dealer cant leave the table until everyone signs tax info, gives their drivers license to be copied etc. They put in a demand for cash or check from the cage for you and you decide to take taxes out then or not.

                                                                              It took 3.5 hours for them to bring all the cash for a mini bad beat jackpot which is aces full of exactly 9s must be beaten.
                                                                              I dont play A9 especially from the BB.
                                                                              It has to be 5 handed. I have to be on a heater. I was supposed to leave 2 hours ago. Im leaving in 9 minutes, had the racks at my feet.
                                                                              Security walks me to my car. I try to tip them, they refuse. I tipped the dealers $700 and Albert $100 he deserves more probably he has been hearing bad beats for 7 years.

                                                                              I got home and I knew exactly what I was going to do with the money. My girl graduated college in Dec. Right during bowl season. Im a shit boyfriend during bowl season. She deserved better than what I got her. So yeah we leave Monday for New orleans. Then after that I head to La to play the Lapc mixed games. The month after that Bahamas.
                                                                              Im a bankroll nit. As most people like me are. For 3 months and 3 months only Im going to try not to be.
                                                                              God wouldnt that be nice to hit one of those? Sure seems like it... we shall see

                                                                              I write this blog because its therapeutic and gives me something to do at the gym on the bike or when Im on the bus or at a terribly slow table. Sometime soon we should probably talk football and sports in general. I started football research this Tuesday. Not because I wanted to or had to because that is just who I am.
                                                                              Take care, have a good week.


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                                                                                Re: Milk's blog and musings 2017

                                                                                Enjoy Nola Milk. I'm not a fan, but I may be an outlier there