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    Re: News out of California

    Originally posted by Valuist View Post
    I've never understood these California casino gambling laws. Indian casinos are the only ones to have "Vegas style" gambling. The card rooms can't bank. Why not just give people what they want? And why be so PC and give the Indians everything they ask for?I don't have complete trust in those Indian casinos. Imagine the scenario if you were cheated by them and went to tribal court. That would be a real fair trial (insert eye rolling emogie).
    You answered your own question before you even asked it.

    Because California...

    Keep in mind folks that this is a state that requires owners of parking garages to post signs at each entrance stating that gasoline contains substances known by the State to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Same with coffee now I believe.

    You cannot make this shit up....


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      Re: News out of California

      Originally posted by ejd_5277 View Post
      That was hilarity at its finest. I believe it was called TOMAC, which stands for Taxpayers of Michigan Against Casinos.

      I remember when the group was being pressured to publish its donor list. They steadfastly refused for awhile until the Pokagons took them to court to force it. You can imagine the hubbub when it came out that Boyd Gaming was far-and-away the biggest contributor.
      Good recall, it was TOMAC.
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        Re: News out of California

        Was hoping Crick released a play........


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          Re: News out of California

          [QUOTdE=Heim;5034946]I'd like to know what special interest groups keep opposing sports betting now pushing it to a vote. The assembly will pass the stupidest revenue generating laws, for example, new law restricting resident (interior) water use to 55 gallons per day. First offense 1k fine. So you can't do laundry & take a shower the same day. But they don't want a steady revenue flow from gamblers.[/QUOTE]

          Average voter only understands feel good politics..helping the poor. They dont see the connection of excessive taxation and regulation slowing the economy and increasing cost of living.