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  • CFL PLAY 2018

    Looking forward to another exciting CFL season, hopefully can show a profit from a league I follow closely. Hope everyone enjoys their summer!!

    A bit late to the party as the line has dropped from 26.5 to 25 but I still like considering the circumstances around the game including a rookie QB for Winnipeg. Will tread lightly since its the beginning of the season.

    Winnipeg-EDM Under 25 1st Half 5Dimes 2 units

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    Re: CFL PLAY 2018

    Game goes Thursday night.

    ESPN2 to televise.

    I'll root you home, SHARKY99.

    Any such thing as a key number with CFL totals, give the league's wacky scoring system?

    Odd numbers are still more likely than even numbers, obviously.


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      Re: CFL PLAY 2018

      Thanks John out east travelling

      live 5D EDM +4.5 +145 1 unit 5:45 to go.


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        Re: CFL PLAY 2018

        Sharky99 recovers with a live wager.


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          Re: CFL PLAY 2018

          Quite the ending in what turns out to be the CFL's longest game in history after 2 stoppages due to bad weather. Edm got a late TD and got the 2point conversion to tie it. Winny went 2 plays and out on offense after the kickoff. With seconds to go EDM kicked a long FG to win it.

          Thanks John, those traditional numbers you asked about are still present but are no where as significant as in the NFL for various reason. One of them is teams backed up inside their 20 yardline depending on wind conditions, game circumstances ...etc.... are much more willing to give up a safety in exchange for field position. Traditional dead numbers like 5 occur more often in the CFL than the NFL, another thing in my opinion is I would not pay the extra juice in the CFL to buy on or off the traditional key numbers of 3 and 7 for example. Because of the constant changing environment volatility of the numbers it's not worth the extra investment in my opinion, perhaps others can chime in and give theirs.


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            Re: CFL PLAY 2018

            Heading to week 2

            Playing Sask +1 1st Half and Under 25.5 at Greek for 3 units each

            1-1 -0.75 units